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If you are interested in selling your domain names we may be interested in purchasing them.? Our main interest is in “.com” domain names but we will also consider other extensions for premium single keyword domains.? We are open to all types of .com domains: numerics, phrases, brandables, keyword, acronyms, geographic, & more.? We also are interested in acquiring portfolios so if you have 25 domains or 250 domains and want to sell them in one shot let us know.? We pay same day so if you need to turn a domain name into cash today we can make it happen for you.? For purchase transactions we use the following payment methods:, Paypal, bank wire, cash.


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If you own a premium “.com” domain and are looking for assistance in finding the right buyer to purchase the domain we can help.? We only broker domains that we value at $50,000 or more.? Contact us and let us know the domain name and the dollar amount you want to sell the domain for and we’ll let you know if we can help you sell your asset.? Through our numerous previous sales we have connections at many different companies.