Here’s 10 random domain thoughts I’ve had over the past week:

1.? The prices on Namejet have been rising.? Domains that would have sold for $2k a year ago seem to be selling for double that or more today.? Two word .com prices have really skyrocketed as well.? There’s a couple guys really driving up the prices and I honestly have no clue what they are doing.? I went back through 25 domains that sold in the past three months to a few of these guys that are driving up the prices, more than half of them are not being used in any sensible form:? a good number of them do not resolve, and some still forward to their Namejet page (what?).? If you spent $10k on a domain a few months ago why in the world is it still forwarding to its Namejet page?? I don’t get it at all.? So after some digging I landed on (was not a Namejet auction).? Great domain, the site that is up is pretty decent, but I don’t see any monetization at all.? No ads, no email capture box, nothing.? Color me confused.

2.? Marijuana domains are on the rise.? I have close to 400 marijuana/weed/cannabis related domain names.? A lot of geographic ones and to a lesser extent brandable ones.? The amount of inquiries has really started to grow and in the past 2 months I’ve sold 5 of them compared to selling 5 in the past 2 years prior to that.? I could have sold more recently but my minimum is four figures for 99% of them.

3.? I find myself reading significantly less of the domain blogs.? Part of it is because you learn more over time so a lot of the articles are less valuable to me today then they would have been years ago.? Also I get annoyed with the fluff posts out there (and there’s a lot) that people write because they have advertisers paying a flat rate for banners and they need to get those pageviews to justify the banner prices.? On the bright side, this gives me some extra time to spend in finding more domains to buy.

4.? Numeric domains are on fire as are’s.? Unfortunately I sold my domains about a year and a half to two years ago.? Would have been an extra $35-45k today.? Live and learn.

5.? I bought the domain (direct from owner) in the past year because I wanted to start a site on it.? I leaped before I looked though because once I started researching the competitors and how much time/effort goes into the type of site I wanted to start there was no way I could do it (time constraints) so I parked the domain.? Lesson learned.? It does get a ton of purchase inquiries so ideally it will sell at some point this year.

6.? Can I see a raise of hands for how many people have profited after 1 year with the gTLDs?? There’s a plethora of extensions in the market, significantly more to come, and I don’t see any rising demand.? Remember all those people spending big bucks on the early access purchases for thousands a pop?? I am actually one of those people, but just for one domain.? I picked up Reputation.Management for around $3k.? No offers on it after one full year even though I think it is a pretty solid name in a highly competitive market.? I renewed it because at this point why not, but I’m glad after I picked up around 10-15 gTLDs I decided I was wasting my money and stopped.? .Com is 98% of my purchases today.

7.? Speaking of gTLDs what the heck was all the hoopla about Credit.Club?? Does anyone really believe that is a six figure domain (not unless you’re bringing it out to 4 decimal places)?? Does anyone believe that there is any competition for that term (which there’s not)?? Here’s a screenshot of how many searches the term gets a month.


The real search term here is “credit”.? Where does rank for this term?? I went ten pages deep and didn’t see it but I have a feeling you could go 100 pages deep and still won’t find it.

8.? Does anyone else have to jump through hoops to transfer a domain away from It is ridiculous (and sad) how hard it is.? I only have a domain there when I win a Namejet auction for a domain that is through them, but when I see the domain is at I know I’m in for a hassle.

9.? I like I haven’t bought anything there, but I check it out every few days.? It is a very clear and simple site, and I think going from $500 to $100 is a smart approach to moving some domains.? If I had a huge inventory of domains I’d set up something similar, but I have around 1,000 and I’m not willing to part with them for this range of prices so it won’t work for me today.

10.? I bought the domain in the past year through an Afternic broker because I saw how hot numerics are, the price was much lower than I was expecting it to be, and it is repeating numbers.? There’s only 10 domains with repeating numbers.? In the past week I just listed it at and I submitted it to their reserve auction platform so I need to hear back on if it gets accepted or not, but it will be interesting to see how big that dash is in a very short numeric domain in the Asian market.

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  • “Random” as your thoughts may be, this is hands down the single best post (on anything domain-related) that I’ve read in months – literally …clear, concise, honest, and dead-on accurate throughout. Many thanks to you (and, good ol’ Eric Borgos over there at Impulse) for single-handedly restoring my faith in the (domain-related) written word! You guys both Rock!

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