Quite a few people have written about the 3 letter .net and .org auctions that are going on at Namejet right now. These domains were not deleted or dropped but rather are owned by a person or company who wants to auction them off. I added a few hundred of them to my que before the auctions started so I could track the prices and much to my dismay it appears there is a reserve price set for every one that I have checked on. I’m not a fan of this, nor do I like this move by Namejet. What draws me to Namejet is that domains go to auction with a minimum price of $69 and no reserve (usually). It is rare, but sometimes as a result domainers can pick up a quality domain on the cheap. Now there are 1,000 domains in auction which all probably have a reserve. Normally I may have bid on 50 or a 100 or maybe 200 of these if they were pure auctions. Now, I’m not going to waste my time sorting through all these domains to see who has hit reserve and who hasn’t. Leave the ‘reserve price game’ to Sedo and Ebay. Namejet should stick to what appeals to its users, and the lack of transparency in the auction process at Namejet (which I’ve previously talked about) combined now with a plethora of reserve price auctions is enough to make me close my Namejet tab on Firefox… at least for today 🙂

2 comments on “3 Letter .Nets & .Orgs on Namejet All Have Reserves… Bad Move (IMO)

  • I doubt the idea of reserves has come from Namejet, it would be the seller insisting on that.

    Personally I think if the reserves are fairly high it would be the only thing that would prevent some pretty major price declines for both of those areas (lll.net and lll.org).

    So I think it is a good think that they have reserve on them and that a lot (maybe most?) won’t sell.

  • Yes, the seller would have insisted on the reserve prices.

    But what I like about Namejet (compared to Sedo) is that it is an auction process without a reserve price.

    Now there are 1000 auctions all with reserve. The seller should have submitted all the domains to the next GreatDomains auction if they wanted to do a reserve auction. They would have gotten more exposure that way. Namejet has no way of telling me if the domain has met a reserve unless I click into each and every individual domain auction, and with 1000 auctions that can would put a lot of people off I would suppose.

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