Here’s some premium domains coming to auction soon, domains like,,,, and more. I haven’t put my bids in yet but at first glance I’d say I’m going to bid on maybe 35-40 of these domains. Some good potential for flips here. Here’s the list…

 You can click on any of the domain names to be taken to its auction page.

I also did a post the other day with 222 domains that looked pretty good and only had 1 bid on them (at the time of publication). You can check out that list HERE if you want to.

My Top 5 Picks –’s are now four figures or more. Buy in the US, sell in Asia. – I’m a bidder here, gambling will one day be legalized when the politicians put us in a hole so large they will be forced to make tax dollars on online gambling. – there’s only 100’s out there so they are pretty rare to come by. – nice letters, since the .com is used by an end user that increases the resale value of the .net in my mind. – great domain to earn some passive income on. – nice product domain, sell it to Sears. – I picture a photo site of pictures taken during Carnival. That’ll attract lots of viewers. – this is a nice pronounceable, also has a few slang meanings. – no clue on end user value here but I love it as a brandable, kinda like esurance. – this has Clickbank product written all over it. – baby horse. – funny picture site? app? – ask Mr. Car about any and all car troubles you have. – nice name for a quack. – should bring high four to low five figures at least. – the kinda gram that every guys wants for his birthday. – popularized by Facebook groupies, will FB die already? – one way you can ‘keep it interesting’. – I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a popular animal come up for sale on .com, .net, or .org before.

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