What did you do in the past 10 minutes? I added a forum to TLD.org. What I love about WordPress is I can do things very quickly and they work well. The forum is meant to be small, lightweight, and easy to use. If you want to post in it I’m keeping it a free forum open to all to use (I don’t need to charge you $59.95/year or $200/lifetime to use it).

In case you’re curious about what forum it is, it’s not VBulletin or SMF, it’s Mingle… a free and easy to install/setup forum for your WordPress based site.

Now with a free lightweight forum does come limitations but I’m OK with that for TLD.org’s forum. I don’t have free time to run a professional fully fledged forum with all the bells and whistles. I personally don’t think you need all that for the topic of domain names. So if you’re looking for another place to try to get some eyeballs on your domain names or want to discuss domain related stuff feel free to check it out.

7 comments on “Added a Small (Free to Use) Forum on TLD.org

  • @Poor uncle

    I would say it is because of the interface. It looks like a typical forum, while buddypress would be confusing for the non-initiated.

  • I suppose you are free to start your little forum up anywhere and if “Mingle” suits then that’s great.

    I remember when there was a story about two blokes somewhere in the US I think who were going to see the domain registration people about the .ws domain. Now that was a few years ago now. And you know the rest of that story.

    Forums are great as you gather a lot of ideas from others and add them to your own toolbox.

    The one thing which sticks in my mind about domain names is that wherever possible you use your main keyword/s in your name and also use the – between them. That makes it easier to read and also each keyword is search engine friendly.


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