Earlier today I posted my recent experience with a shady domainer that I caught out, but now here’s another story of shadiness.? I just read the full 5 page thread on DNForum about another domainer getting exposed for some shady dealing.

You can read the thread here:? http://www.dnforum.com/f611/balance-payments-issue-leading-industry-domainer-broker-thread-450035.html

After reading the entire thread I wrote my reply (post #100 of the thread) which sums up what I surmise from everything I’ve read.? My personal opinion… shady domaining…? the good ol’ 1…2….? telling people you’re going to do one thing, but then trying to do something else… (and with their money).? You can make up your own mind after reading the full story (worth the full 5 page read IMO).

2 comments on “Another Shady Domainer Gets Nabbed, What is Going On?

  • I can’t understand as to why Leto won’t just pay the balance to stop the argument… The senseless and repetitive asking for the phone number is like prolonging what’s needed to end since the beginning of the thread.

    Plus there seems to be no intent of the guy to pay people’s balances until they come out in the open and claim of losses… then he’ll just invite a phone call to continue on with the business plan that was cut short.

    And yeah, the source of rev is definitely unclear and ‘too complicated’ to be explained to other domainers or might be ‘too good’ (though unlikely) for others to copy.

    Sorry about your loss of the domain from the other shady domainer btw lol 2k down the drain.

  • I stopped expecting too much from individuals within this business, there’s too much shady stuff going on, even with the organised players in this business to bother.

    I just put such people on my ignore list and move on, no point wasting more time on a sale going south, there’s no lack of opportunity, just of time.

    I had someone bid over on a sedo auction, without having any intention or even ability to pay, to try and win the ‘prize’ I’d announced for the person closest to the bid.

    Suffice to say I don’t offer any prizes for guessing the ending price of a domain in auction anymore, lol.

    This is also the reason you should actually buy from people you’ve dealt with before or those with impeccable ratings on the forums, not that its any guarantee of a smooth deal, its just more likely.

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