The auction at GoDaddy for the expired domain ended just minutes ago at GoDaddy and the final closing price was quite a shocker (at least to me). Mid five figures for this domain? The final price was $56,001.

There are quite a few times I see a domain sell for something I consider ridiculous on GoDaddy auctions. Because there is no transparency during the auction it is hard to say what is going on. Maybe a person let their domain expire, used a second account and third account to bid it to a ridiculous amount, took a screenshot of the closing price, and then renewed it and used the screenshot to try to sell the domain. That’s the cynic in me. But maybe it was legit and two people/companies had a unique need for a certain domain and duked it out. At any rate, besides which I remember sold for around $50k a few years ago I cannot recall hearing about a NNNN selling for mid five figures.

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