There are domains that I own that I am more open to negotiating on because they have not garnered a lot of interest in the past, or because they don’t fit what my strategy is today, or I am considering not renewing them.? Point being I am a more friendly seller as I will wiggle on price more then on my core/premium domains.? Someone comes along and makes an offer on the domain.? Usually most offers start off on the low end.? I will come back with a counter offer on the high end.? And of course they will come back, and I will go back, and you get the picture.? When I get a good feel for what their willing to pay and they are the ones who have submitted the most recent counter offer I will go out to the field and see if I can quickly find a buyer at a fixed price who will pay more.

One recent instance from last week went like this, I received an offer on a domain for $100 through GoDaddy’s auction platform.? I went back with a $3,500 counter.? After a couple of rounds of offers they offered $1,500 on the domain.? Now the ball is in my court as they have to wait for me.? I would have accepted $1,500 for the domain.? It was hand registered less than a year ago so it is all profit for me.? Plus this was the only offer I’ve gotten in the year on this domain and it was by no means a great domain.? But if you accept that offer right then and there you are being lazy.? And you over time will be leaving money on the table.

I spent 30 minutes doing some quick research and firing out a couple of emails offering the domain for sale for $1,800.? If I find a buyer I make a couple hundred extra bucks, if I don’t find a buyer I still have a sale in my pocket.? I’d like to end by saying I found a buyer for the $1,800 but I did not.? I’d say my personal success rate doing this is about one in ten.? But I did find a person who was interested in the domain but only for $500.? That wasn’t going to work but I had some domains in the same niche I would part with for $500 and I was able to strike a deal for one of those.

What you put in is what you’ll get out so before closing a sale you should always try to maximize your gains.? You will rarely hit a home run but nothing wrong with picking up a single here and there.

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