A lot of people buy domain names based on traffic stats. A lot of people overpay because they got fooled. Just because Google Analytics or some tracking tool says a site got X,XXX visits does not mean this is true traffic. A lot of people are inflating their traffic stats with fake traffic and then charging you extra for the domain name because they claim it has “tons of traffic”. So you pay a decent sum for the domain and then either the traffic stops completely, or the traffic may still come for another week or a month but you notice that nothing, and I mean NOTHING converts for you.

How do they do this? It is pretty easy, and there are TONS of ways to do this but let me tell you the two most common that I see.

1. The buy pop up traffic in foreign countries

2. They iframe the domain as a 1×1 pixel on a site that is getting traffic

You can buy pop up Chinese traffic for a fraction of a penny per popup. Need to inflate your traffic stats, this is a simple and cost effective way that domain traffic stat inflaters use. If they are smart enough they can fake the referrer so that whatever stat traffic counter you are using will show valid referrers.

The iframe method is even more cost effective (it can be free) and again if they know how to fake the referring site you will never get to the bottom of this by viewing the stat logs. They don’t even need to own their own site, they can own a blogger page and iframe a 1×1 pixel of the domain whose stats they want to boost.

I don’t want to go into the technical aspects any more of this because I don’t want to give anyone any ideas as the point of this post is to help raise your awareness of buying domains based on traffic.

So, if I’m going to buy a domain based on traffic I make sure that the majority of that traffic is coming from somewhere I can see. This means either the site is ranked highly in the SERPS, or they is a popular site that promoted this domain through an article or some other means. If I can’t see and associate the source of the traffic then I’m not paying any extra for the domain to compensate then for the traffic they claim it is delivering.

Do some research, save yourself some money, and stay away from the scammers.

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