I was talking to someone who is looking to sell some of his domains. He isn’t a domainer but picked them up a while ago for website development purposes and has no need for them now and some of them are pretty decent. He asked me a question which I honestly was not sure about so I’m seeing what other people think about it…

Is it better to auction your domains off at the end of a year, or at the start of a new year in order to get the most for your domains?

I thought about budgets (companies may have extra budget to spend at the end of the year that they can use or lose), tax purposes, and such but couldn’t come up with a clear side to recommend to him. What do you think?

2 comments on “Better Time to Auction Domains: End of Year or Start of New Year?

  • I would wait until the start of the new year because of holidays around the end of the year. Not very scientific but just my gut feeling.

  • He should consider putting them up for sale on GoDaddy’s Premium service instead of trying to break into the opaque world of domain auctions.

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