First off, would? like to thank Mike Sullivan of Sully’s Blog for featuring us in one of his articles found here:? .? Since is a new site it is nice to get a mention in an established domain blogger’s site so we appreciate the article.? After reading the article there were a few comments which I read and one of them rubbed me the wrong way.? I understand self promotion and there is nothing wrong with it in my mind, but self promotion while knocking someone else rubs me the wrong way.? The comment was from the owner of a site which finds a few (and when I saw a few, I mean 3) unregistered domains per day that the site owner considers to hold value and lists them for people who may be interested in registering them.? His comment said “My Tool Produce a lot more better domains with search volume everyday.”

If his comment had said something such as “I have a tool which produces quality names each day” I would be fine with that.? But his wording is taking a swipe a by implying the domains he finds are superior to what we offer.? Really?? You want to compare apples to oranges and take a swipe while you’re at it? ? Let’s compare to this commenter’s site: Lists thousands of domains, offers easy to use interface where users can filter through all listed domains in seconds, is 100% free to use (nor do we ask for donations)

The “Superior” Site: Lists three domains per day (so it is really only useful to 1-3 people per day), does not offer any database driven interface nor does it list the domains in one place (you need to read each day’s posting to see them), has the audacity to say on their homepage “Once you register a domain from our list you need to pay us $5 fee per name!”

I don’t need to knock anyone so you can make up your own mind about this situation.? Is all fair in blogs and commenting or should there be some level of respect?? You tell me.

p.s.? I will say that demanding your site’s readers to pay you $5 is a business model that turns me off in a heartbeat.

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