I had written last week about a domain name I had just purchased for $499.? It was a dot com keyword domain in a niche that I’m an active player in.? This purchase was all luck, I direct navigated to the site and it had a ‘for sale’ page up with an asking price of $499.? I jumped on it and made the purchase right then and there.? And now, as it turns out this was my best domain purchase of 2010.

After one week here’s the results:? I spent five hours of my time putting a site up.? My only additional cost was paying a graphic designer to create my header banner for $25.? In the one week since purchase the site it received 21,000 unique visits, 90% of which were direct navigation type-ins.? I have now recouped my $499 investment and am in the black almost $500, all through affiliate commissions.?? The traffic and revenue significantly surpassed the levels I was expecting.

I don’t expect the site to make $1,000/week every week for the full year as there is some seasonality to the site, but breaking even and going up 100% on my investment in less than a week (and how I think this site will continue to thrive) makes this my best domain purchase of 2010.?? I am a fan of passive income (or minimal maintenance income) and I see myself only needing to spend 2-3 hours a month to maintain this site.

I’m not going to mention the site as I prefer to keep some things private (and my main niche is one of them).? My point to you is that it is still possible to get lucky and pick up a great domain name on the cheap.? Also, sometimes you need to drop some cash up front based on a gut feeling and hope it turns out for the best.?? It is like the lotto… you can’t win if you don’t play.

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  • @ Shane
    The header I had done through odesk.com. I tried hiring a few people but they produced sub par work (stuff I could have done in literally 2 minutes in Photoshop), so I reposted the job. This time I put in the job description that they had to send a draft of the banner when they apply if they want to be considered (they could watermark it if they liked). I was able to scan through and find one that fit my needs in less then 24 hours.

    Sorry, I don’t want to reconsider. I dislike extra competition 🙂

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