I have a few hundred marijuana domains, most of them are geographic in nature.  I’ve held them for a few years knowing that their value would be minimal until recreational marijuana became legalized in the states.  California is the epicenter in the US for marijuana and this is going to be great litmus test for what the value of marijuana domains truly is.  My expectation is that I’m going to start getting a significant amount of offers on the domains related to California and this will tell me if the strategy of holding onto all of my geos is a good one or not.  I’ve sold about two handfuls of these types of domains in the past few years, domains like DenverWeed.com and MarijuanaBaltimore.com.  Nothing huge, all four figure sales.  I’m also holding onto some pretty decent brandables/keywords, and I’ve sold a few for four figures as well, domains like Weedable.com and WorldOfWeed.com.

What do I own related to California?  The best two are CaliforniaWeed.com and LosAngelesMarijuana.com (I’ve turned down multiple four figure offers on both of these in the past).  The rest are CaliMarijuana.com, ChulaVistaMarijuana.com, EncinoMarijuana.com, FresnoMarijuana.com, LaJollaMarijuana.com, LongBeachCannabis.com, LongBeachMarijuana.com, LongBeachWeed.com, OaklandMarijuana.com, SantaMonicaWeed.com, SantaMonicaMarijuana.com, StocktonMarijuana.com, VeniceMarijuana.com,

The brandables/keywords I own are AceWeed.com, AfriendWithWeed.com, CommercialMarijuana.com, DispenseMarijuana.com, Marijuanable.com, MarijuanaCoffee.com, MarijuanaEatery.com, MarijuanaFlavors.com, MarijuanaMe.com, MarijuanaSupplies.com (my best keyword domain in this list), MarijuanaWorkshop.com, Mmarijuana.com, MojoMarijuana.com, MobileWeed.com, ParadiseMarijuana.com, SkyHighMarijuana.com, Dispensaries.net, TheDispensaries.com, TryMarijuana.com, TryWeed.com, WestSideMarijuana.com, ZenMarijuana.com.

I’m usually not a buyer of future domains, but with marijuana I took a stab at it and the next six months is going to tell me if it was worth it or not.

2 comments on “California Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, What Will Be the Impact on Related Domains

  • Well given people were searching this past month, if your portfolio is as strong as you think you would have seen this follow thru, as the search data results show.

    The fact you didn’t, should be a bit alarming.

    • The people who were searching this past month are domain speculators. I think this is a brick and mortar business first, but a domain can be used to supplement that as a store’s online presence, or in the instance of what the person who purchased DenverWeed.com did and turn it into a store locator. Weedmaps is huge but there’s definitely room for more specific geographic sites.

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