If you’ve been bidding on Snapnames and Namejet for a while you may be familiar with this (or maybe not) but it definitely has helped me in the past… if I’m bidding any kind of significant money on a domain I will Google the username of the main person bidding against me. There’s lots of… Read More

I get emails every so often from domainers asking for my opinion or perspective on something and a common question always relates to pricing. People see the big sales (because that is what makes the news) and they get nervous that they are leaving money on the table by pricing their domains too cheap. What… Read More

There’s a lot of top quality domain names currently at auction on Namejet and coming up for auction on Namejet that are coming from the owners (versus deleting/expiring domains). They all have reserves. When you see top quality domains coming to auction there are two thoughts I have… one is excitement at the chance to… Read More