I follow domain trends and I see one trend that is picking up recently (which is good news for me because I’ve been following this strategy for the past year) and this trend is .net product domains. Domains names like ‘leathersofa.net’, ‘scarf.net’, ‘portablegrill.net’ are the type of domain names that fit into this trend. Why… Read More

The internet is constantly changing and if you want to make any money online then you need to change with it. Parking domains is a dead method. It worked great years ago, but now it is possible the worst use of a good domain name… you are leaving money on the table each and every… Read More

First off, TLD.org would? like to thank Mike Sullivan of Sully’s Blog for featuring us in one of his articles found here:? http://sullysblog.com/TLD-ORG .? Since TLD.org is a new site it is nice to get a mention in an established domain blogger’s site so we appreciate the article.? After reading the article there were a… Read More