I received an unusual email in my inbox yesterday.? I am on the Rick Latona’s emailing list and I received an email from Latona’s saying that they were looking to sell the domain Publish.com (on behalf of its owner) and they would be willing to share their commission with anyone who can bring a buyer… Read More

All domainers love 3 letter .com domains because they are highly sought after and valued. Even the least desirable ones will pull in $3,000. I checked all the three letter .coms and obviously all of them are taken, but some of them are expiring soon and may be available through an expired domain auction, or… Read More

I’ve seen a lot of press in domaining blogs about Epik and their domain development platform.? I won’t get into the back and forth that certain bloggers are having, nor will I get into the validity of Epik’s system, but I will briefly talk about my experience with them.? I contacted Epik about a domain… Read More