I put up a bunch of domains for auction (see sidebar on right) through Namejet. I got an email today from someone who was contacted about buying one of the domains, but they weren’t contacted by me. Instead of replying to the person who wrote the email they looked me on on WHOIS and forwarded the email to me.

Text of the email:


We intend to unload one of our cherished assets, dogsled(.)com.

Would you be keen to discuss this?
This is priced in 4 figures ($1000 to $9999).



PS: This is a one-time email. We’ll never bother you again!

A quick Google search of the email address that sent this ( justin7page@gmail.com ) brings up some potential info on the owner of the email address: http://acro.net/blog/domains/is-domcollectsedo-spamming-its-domain-portfolio.

I personally don’t have much of a problem with someone seeing a domain name in the market place and trying to presell the domain (if you agree on a price and then the auction goes over that amount and you back out of the deal then you just broke the contract and could get sued so preseller beware). But I have a BIG problem with someone claiming that they own the domain when they clearly do not. Claiming you own something when you don’t is fraud, especially when you are attempting to negotiate to sell it. If this person/entity is not familiar with fraud perhaps you should look it up… there are repercussions so maybe you want to stop.

4 comments on “Claiming You Own a Domain When You Don’t Is Fraud

  • Sedo is doing this all the time. Hundreds of my domains are listed there without my consent, someones even with a BIN price …

    Should I contact them every time that I see one of my domains (for example, bought or backordered ones) listed at their marketplace?

    Or must they check the ownership of the domains those they are selling???

    Last time (several months ago, I think) that I requested them for removing one domain by their chat support, they said OK, but domain is still there!

    They also told me for sending a mail with SCREENSHOTS (sic) of “my registrar control panel” with the domains inside. Does this really proof anything? A 10 years old kid can send an screenshot of his control panel with Google.com there!

    Why not simply to have an online form only for listing removals, that it sends a mail confirmation to the domain admin mail???

    Too simple for them, I guess. It is better to tell the press they have millions of domains listed, when mostly are without any consent of the owners and even thousands are simple expired or free ones.

    I can’t believe that any domain blog is taking this matter seriously, when it is happening from long years ago.

    And yes, it IS FRAUD!

    • I can see this happening if a domain is listed in someone’s account, they sell the domain outside of Sedo, but they never update their Sedo account. I don’t think there is a good method in place that Sedo uses to clean this up, I believe they rely on each account owner to correctly maintain their account.
      If you hand registered a domain that has never been owned before then 100% it should not be listed on Sedo unless you put it there.

  • The best method would be to offer an online form with an only field:

    “Type here your domain to remove it from Sedo listing”

    By clicking “submit”, they may send a confirmation link to the domain admin contact email.

    Where is the problem to set this removal way?

    Simple, clean, fast, secure …

    To request an screenshot is totally stupid. Everybody can modify an screenshot with just the Paint!

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