There’s a mistake that we all make and which limits people from earning what they really could earn on their websites. It is the thought that you should only place ads on your site that relate to what your site is about. I will tell you that you should think outside the box and not only place ads that directly relate to your site’s topic. As an example, on my blog here I discuss mainly domain names and website development but on my sidebar area I have an ad spot for a Virtual Assistant. What does a virtual assistant have to do with domain names? Not much. But this cross branding strategy works well. Why? Because most people who wind up on my blog have an entrepreneurial spirit, or are website developers, or may have a lot of projects going on, etc… and I know these types of people may have an interest in a virtual assistant. It is an indirect association and it is a smart play. If you broaden your ads and offer greater variety then you will increase your revenue, point blank. Think about who is visiting your site, is it males or females? Older or younger people? People from the US or people from the UK? You can market to a group’s broader appeal instead of solely focusing on your websites niche. If your site is about computers but generates visits that are 90% males, don’t be afraid to broaden your ads to things that males like… sports, beer, girls, etc…

And this is a perfect lead into a new project that I’m a part of…? .?? I’m not going to rewrite all the details, but if you have a site about football, or about sports, or any site that is visited by the male species then you may be interested in Commission is 50% (which is up to $23 per sale) and this is literally the hottest product out there for the football time of the year.

2 comments on “Cross Brand Marketing, How to Earn Big Bucks with Your Websites

  • In my experience, I have some success when I focus on niche (topic) of my website. If about insurance, display insurance ads, if about geo ie…airport display airport related ads, if about toy deals, display toy ads. While I have zero success when I tried to display insurance ads on a toy deals website; or try to display toy ads on a site about hearing aids for elderly. đŸ™‚

    It’s not a stretch to sell virtual help on a domain blog though.

    But I appreciate your insights.

    • I agree, selling insurance on a toy site probably will not work out too well for you…

      And I agree, a blog about toys should have ads for toys, but I’m saying don’t just put all toy ads on it… think more in-depth. Who visits a toy site? Probably parents. What else are parents interested in? Maybe babysitting services, maybe summer camp for kids, etc…

      People get ‘ad blindness’ . If you have a sidebar with 5 different ads for toys it is less effective (in my opinion) then a sidebar with 3 ads for toys and maybe an add for a summer camp and an ad for a romantic dinner for two. The unexpected will draw people’s eyes, and when it draws their eyes they will see all your ads. At least this is what I’ve found in my own experiences.

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