Sometimes I try to get out in front of the curve and hand register domains for the future.? After reading this article I decided I’d see what “holographic” domains were still available and possibly hand register some.? I ended up finding quite a few (I’m sure there are more that I didn’t think of, so if you think this idea has legs you should jump on it now) and made my purchases.? The thing when you buy for the future is you won’t know if you made a smart purchase until years down the road.? If the holographic thing pans out then I’ll be in a good place to capitalize.? 3D is a big thing now, but imagine 3D without needing the glasses, how big would that be?? HUGE!? Enter holographic.? I decided I’d only go after .com domains here but did end up with a few .net domains.? Here is what I ended up buying… so did I waste $500 or did I buy smart?

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  • Those look solid – nice registrations! Are you going to develop any? A sale of any one would make your investment worthwhile, but if you can promote a domain that has respectable ranking, it would make it even more desirable to the end user! That is why I will develop my 3D domains!

  • @Owen

    Any reason why you think it was a waste?


    I have a backlog of domains to develop, so by the time I can start to develop any of these the technology might be here (which would be good timing for me).
    I agree, if I can sell one of the fifty or so names I’ll be either break even or in the black which is always a nice place to be.

  • I would develop a few of the best ones right now.

    That way, if the technology does come out soon, you will already rank for the important keywords, and you can either build out the website further, or sell the domain name to a company that wants the keywords.

  • I think I would been a bit more strategic here… Apple is not going to include the word “holographic” in the name of any of its products, nor will any other company. I think a few of the names are good (I especially like, which could be used as a directory), but most of the names are gambles… not that there’s anything wrong with gambling on a domain name, if you can afford it!

    P.S. I think you really should use a different captcha tool.

  • @Will

    I guess it depends… “Plasma” is a keyword that describes a type of product. We don’t just say “TV” anymore, now we say “plasma tv” and products are marketed this way. If a company develops a holographic product, the product name might be the “Apple IPAD” but the tagline may be “the holographic tablet” and the product may belong to a grouping that uses the holographic keyword.

    I tried removing my Captcha tool and I was hit with 25 spam comments in less than 12 hours. It is easier for me to keep a proven Captcha tool in place, and I think it is nice for readers to read non-spam comments.

  • I’d say some of these are better than the names owen frager lists for sale sometimes.

    Hopefully you can sell one or two to get your money back or better within a year, before the renewals come up. I bet next year you will drop most of these and keep a few that still look to have potential. good luck

  • Honestly, I do think you have wasted $500. Mainly because, you might have to sit on these for another 10 years before holography ever come mainstream. The in thing now is merely “3D”.

  • I picked up a few as well after reading that article. Some of these names are good but many of them don’t really strike me as things people would search for. Lots of somewhat random’s.

    The only things I found I liked were 3 worders. Got about 6 of them in all, things like Touchable Holographic Displays and others that I saw mentioned in the various articles.

    Good luck! Only takes one of those to sell for a few grand and you made a great investment

  • Handregs are never wasted! This is a nice collection. I have a similar collection in another hot niche – tablet. I would say domaining is all about guesstimating the future. Well, some people like to call that gambling 😉

    I would suggest that you install WordPress on some and forum on some and whenever you come across an idea or info related to any of these names just post it away – off the cuff – in a few months you will see them on top, ready to be grabbed.

  • I would like to say you have wasted 500 but if you devlop one of them into a proper “holographic” website, you might not have wasted the money but may become a good investment.

  • What I find interesting (apart from the Captcha – that instantly sets off my “could I build an algorithm to defeat that?” mind) is the three you also took as .nets and what it says about our industry…..
    And yeah, it’s a gamble, but with current technology rates I’d want to add a couple of years of renewal fees onto your $500 gamble outlay…. Couple of nice ones even by today’s tech levels though and as you say, it only takes one sale to be in the black or more.

  • Thanks all for the comments.

    With so many people buying domains nowadays it is extremely hard to hand register a dot com domain that is valuable today. I think sometimes it is worth trying to see what will be in the future and buying domains today that may not come to fruition for 5 or 10 years.

    Think about if you registered 3D domains 5 or 10 years ago and you got in on some good ones. Today you’d be sitting pretty and could get a very nice return on your investment.

    If the term ‘holographic’ never takes flight then I may have wasted $500 a year for 10 years (i.e. $5k) assuming I do nothing with the domains – or if I build a few out and place some Adsense on there I can eat into that cost. If the term does take off then I am in position to make possibly $XXX,XXX. Domaining is all about risk/reward.

    Even if you don’t like ‘holographic’ as a term, you should check out the latest tech articles every week or two and see what is coming out in the next few years and start registering today. People say it is impossible to strike it big with hand reg’ing dot coms, but I think this is one way you have the possibility.

    And I know the captcha here is a pain in the rear, but not one spam comment as a result of it 🙂

  • /agree with owen. You wasted your money. Those domains arent exactly keyword rich and won’t be any better down the road. if you had “holographicprint” holographicscreen” “holographic projector” then you might have found some good stuff. and as for holographiclense…. you spelled lens wrong. 🙂

  • @Ryan

    I agree the names you mention are better, but they were reg’d in 2004, 2005, and 2006 so I missed them by a little. I think and could easily fetch $XX,XXX each if the term holographic becomes popular and the technology is there.

    I was always better at math than spelling 🙂

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