I was working on a site of mine two days ago and as I was working on it I decided to direct navigate to some of the keywords that were popular for my site.? I wondered how these keyword .com domains were being used.? My fourth direct nav in I landed on a purchase page.? The domain was for sale which was not surprising to me, a lot of good domain names have no content on them besides a sales offer.? What did surprise me was the asking price.? It was only $499.? This was a complete steal to me because I was very familiar with this term.? I knew the term was pretty popular and the Google Adwords Keyword tool confirmed my suspicions with 110,000 global searches per month.? And I also had a pretty good feeling that this domain name would get decent type in traffic.

I bought the domain and put up a landing page with a traffic tracking script.? After the first full day it registered 336 visits, of which 331 were direct nav type-ins.? This traffic is laser targeted and laser targeted traffic for any niche is money in your pocket.? If the traffic holds true I’m looking at over 10,000 direct navigation visits per month, and with less than 1 million competing sites in Google for this keyword I should be able to get ranked pretty highly on the first page in a month or two.? If I had to take a rough guess I’d say I could get another 10,000 search engine hits per month when I achieve that.

With 95% confidence I’d say I can recoup my $499 investment before the first month is over because I have other sites in this niche and I’m good at monetizing them.? And this site will also have my most favorite attribute, it is going to be passive income which I can set and forget and just collect the checks once it is up and running.

Sometimes you just get lucky, and this was probably the best $499 I’ve spent in 2010.

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