Domain Madness 3 announced they added and to the DM3 inventory.? This is a HUGE score for them as I think is a key domain name and far and away the best domain name now in the inventory.? What I like even more is the fact that I believe both reserve prices are not only reasonable, but set below the domains’ market values.?’s reserve is $100k and is $5k.? With these reserve prices I think without a doubt both domains will get sold as long as DM3 and the owner contact end users and get them to the auction.? In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see sell for at least twice its reserve price. is the third result in Google (out of 444 million results) for the keyword Ocean which is an added bonus for the buyer.? And there’s 165k exact global searches per month for the word.

I would advise the DM3 team and the owner to review the site though, Google has labeled the site as potentially being harmful to your computer, so not sure if they got some kind of malicious code injected or they have some kind of code that Google is falsely picking up, but I think it is important to get that resolved ASAP.


This is a big score for the DM3 team and I’m looking forward to seeing what these domains will sell for.

My prediction:? $225k? $15k


If this domain somehow doesn’t sell, the owner can contact me if he needs help monetizing the site.? No reason why this domain (if built out) can’t be pulling in $5-10k/month at least.

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  • I don’t see the domains in their inventory. It’ll be good for Boxcar if it sells for double the price. sold yesterday for $80k on Bido. They just need to get more buyers and they’ll be good.

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