All the good’s are taken, and every single one of the’s are taken.? There are two trains of thought here… you can either buy a for $XXX or $XXXX (on average) and hope that they appreciate even further…? or some people have moved on to buying’s for the standard registration price thinking that these will be the next batch of domains to appreciate.? One of the hassles for a lot of people is finding out which ones are not registered yet.? If you are one of these people then you are in luck…? on the homepage of I just added over 12,000 domains which are not yet registered.? Assuming my quick math is correct, there is about 210,000 domains which can be I plan on sorting through them all and listing the ones which are not registered yet.? The 12,000 I just added to my homepage is the first batch I went through and there are a few more batches.? If you haven’t used before, check out the homepage.? You can filter the results.? If you see a domain you like, click on it and will check to make sure it is still available.? If it is available you can go to your favorite registrar and grab it, or you can click the GoDaddy, Moniker, or NetworkSolutions link that is presented to be taken directly to the checkout page for that domain name to save you some time.? I haven’t gone through the list of 12,000 and cherry picked the ones I think are killer so grab the good ones while you can.

2 comments on “Do You Like Domains? Especially Ones?

  • Nice work !! cvcvc aren’t my fav 5 l com types but there are some very nice ones in your list, only had a quick look at the first 500 results you have generated.I really like lllll.coms esp ones built around 3 letter words and random brandable ones ~ end users love them too.

    I dived back into the 5 l com market recently after a two yr layoff but I’ve already sold 2 (out of the 80 or so I now have) I’ve broke even already so the rest is cream.

  • Good work! I think the number of CVCVC is 231,525, assuming 21 consonants and 5 vowels, it would be 21*5*21*5*21. I am curious to know what percentage of them are registered v. remain to be registered. I often do write-ups on short domain registration data, so you have inspired me to look at these for a future post. Great site!

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