The Domain Madness 3 prebidding is winding down and there’s currently only two domains that have bids on them out of 64 domains.? I’m sure there has been a lot of domainers who have checked out the auction page as there has been a sponsored headline on the site for a few days, but still the bids are not there.? I’m wondering what your take on the lack of bids is caused by…

1.? This is normal, there will be a lot more bidding during the live auction

2.? Domain reserves are set too high

3.? The quality of domain names is lacking

4.? There is a $1/fee to signup in order to bid

5.? Other


8 comments on “Domain Madness 3 Auction… What’s Your Take?

  • Auction is on Boxcar, a service many are not aware of “outside” the domain industry and the Boxcar mailing list.

    Really busy home page that doesn’t put much focus on the specific auction. Which could result in people not knowing where it is.

    Many are broke! $1,000 is the lowest bid price, so it weeds out a lot of buyers.

    Just some of my thoughts.

  • Well not sure if live auction will bring more bids
    But some domains have a too high reserve price while other lacks in quality or not what people are looking (not the trend) for in 2011.

    The $1 fee shouldn’t be a problem when you bid for $xxxx.xx amount.

    But the biggest problem was marketing and promotion. You don’t put an add on domainer website and that’s it! No way to get interests. You must do a global advertising, on forums,… do press releases… not even a banner on Boxcar (that’s a shame for boxcar not to offer a free ad when we know that this event can benefit for them when it goes to vegas for final), no partnerships… The entire marketing, sponsorship and advetising failed.
    Any domain companies can do what they did on a low budget so what’s the deal? it will fail!
    Even low quality domains or high reserve domains or junk tlds can have bids with a gooooooood maketing campaing 🙂

  • Nice names…looks like estibot values for the reserve prices and not enough wiggle room for domain buyers.

    So, reserves on higher end takes away any hope of snagging a “deal”.

    I like a few and would be involved but as i said above…kinda tough.

  • They have been sending out press releases daily
    Do your homework and google the auction keywords to see what they are really doing before making wrong assumptions and accusations

  • @Jack
    I did google:
    domain auction
    … no results.

    I’ve check goog news just have 1 result from domain wire

    What I mean is to press release toward end users.
    Show me what press release have been done everyday. Why boxcar doesnt even show a banner (aren’t they partner) You go to Boxcar and don’t even notice DM3 auction if you aren’t aware of it.

  • Yes, we’ve done a LOT more including a very dedicated campaign where we contact end-users. We have advertised in MANY different areas. I can show the budget if need be but the effort is there. Check out our Sellers Kit, we do almost everything in it. Cheers, M.

  • I really don’t think the name Boxcar will ever take off as a serious name for a domain sales venue it’s just a really poor name ….they should bite the bullet invest in a serious descriptive domain and practice what they are trying to preach.

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