I’ve read what happened, I’ve seen blog comments around today (mostly jokes), and I’m still not clear on why this happened (I get why, but I mean “why”) and I wonder how the domain owners feel about it (do they still want their domains in a rescheduled auction?).? In a nutshell, from what I read there were 1,500 concurrent database connections (i.e.? 1,500 people wanted to watch the event) and Boxcar could only handle 1,000.? So the site kinda craps out on you when that happens meaning that people who try to access the site will either A) get access B) have the site not load C) have the site partially load, or load all jumbled.

So DM3 had a good amount of people wanting to check out the auction but now the auction is going to get rescheduled.? The promotion that went into it had everyone waiting for that day/time, and now with a rescheduled auction I would highly doubt you get the same level of response… in fact I would think you would get significantly less.

I know reserve prices are set for all domains, but domainers would be wishing to sell their domains for more then just the reserve and a rescheduled event will definitely hurt their ability to get as much as they would have it the auction went on as planned.? The last I saw I think there was only 3 or 4 domains with bids, so maybe it’s all a moot point.



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  • As a domain owner I just want an email from Mike saying exactly what is going to happen so I can recontact some end users that I contacted prior to the auction. This being left in limbo and being told “next week” is not good on his part. He needs to get the word out exactly when it will happen next week and how he is going to fix his problem.

    There are over $40,000 in bids already so the auction that never happened is already at 40% of the total sales for DomainFest so i certainly don’t think it is a “moot point”.

    • I was one of the ones who couldn’t access the site… do you mind sharing what you can remember of the $40k worth of bids… haven’t heard that anywhere else and if true then I would agree it is not a ‘moot point’.

  • It’s mostly one sale…

    Current Bids:
    BroadbandProviders.com $2,950
    Cradle.net $1,000
    EliminateDebts.com $1,500
    FamilyVacation.com $35,000
    GasDeals.com $1,605
    SmoothLegs.com $3,500
    Wakiki.me $1,750

    As for the debacle itself and as a seller in the auction, I am disgusted by the lack of response last night and today. They are more interested in spin control on the video of massages and whether the “crash” was real or not. Lets say they got some end user interest. Will that end user be coming back or questioning what kind of operation this is before they plunk down a wad of cash.

    They need to quickly let everybody know when the auction will be rescheduled, how they will promote and I think let sellers opt out if they would like with no exclusivity requirements.

  • I have several names in the auction ranging in reserve prices. I spent about 10 hours identifying end users to contact and sending out e-mails to those folks. I know for a fact that one of the end users I contacted was going to place a bid on a domain I had listed. The domain was listed at a reserve price that they had previously offered me for the domain – over $20,000. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed to see the auction flop and have many of the same concerns Chris mentions in the comment above.

    How are they going to get all these people back to the auction? Did I waste 10 hours contacting end users? Why haven’t I received an e-mail from the Boxcar team?

    I realize sh*t happens, but I have to believe an auction house like Sedo, Aftermarket, or SnapNames would be handling this situation much more professionally. I can’t fault the Boxcar team for issues out of their control, but come on guys – if you want to be taken seriously lets step up the professionalism. I thought they switched to a cloud based server to handle all the extra traffic / connections anyway.

  • Well GoDaddy shared hosting has a 250 active database connection limit… I would think cloud hosting is a significant step up, but only 4X the number of active connections isn’t that big of a step…

    What was that auction massage picture about? The room looked very small in the picture for a live auction… and these guys aren’t playing in the World Series of Poker at a table for 15 hours and need a massage…

  • My beef with Mike Fiol (the DM3 organiser) is that I just don’t think he ‘gets it’…

    ….No idea how to offer a service….No sense of how to look after domain owners that naturally feel that may have been disadvantaged by this mess….No meaningful communication with participants with details of how to fix this mess….Just self-serving sarcastic spin.

    He writes a long post on his blog which won’t allow us to reply to him(Doesn’t he WANT to communicate with customers??) telling us WE got it all wrong etc etc…

    …But, not a word about ‘This is precisely the new plan’….’This is what we offer disappointed auction domain owners’…’Here’s how we’ll be sure to get a good roll up of bidders next week, or whatever…

    In short, Mike Fiol is not listening….He’s sloppy and unprofessional….And, he has no idea how to relate to customers (and I don’t care how long he’s been in the domain business).

    Grow up, Mike….Either understand how to communicate & plan & troubleshoot & work with your customers – Or, stay the hell out of the domain auction business. Its no place for auction amateurs.

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