I had watched two live domain auctions online before and they met my expectations (I was expecting an auction similar to a Sotheby’s auction or an impound auction).? I watched half of the DM3 auction and I was pretty surprised… actually shocked.? I’m not referring to the ads that would pop up on the streaming video screen, or the minutes of video outage, or getting kicked out of the video and then entering back in two minutes later.? I get that technical glitches happen (though the ads I really think could have been prevented)? What I’m referring to is the format and presentation of the auction.? It had more of a chatroulette feel than a professional domain auction to me…

I was expecting bidders (maybe even with paddles), a stage, a podium… the kind of stuff you think when you think “auction”.? What I saw instead was a single person, sitting at a desk by himself with an earpiece in his ear.? The table was cluttered with two computers and some other stuff.? And I immediately thought that if anyone got end users to come to bid at this auction the end users would be shocked even moreso then I was.? To me, it appeared to be more of a homemade auction then a professional domain auction.? The auctioneer should have at least worn a suit or a shirt and a tie in my opinion to try to make up for the lack of an auction ‘feel’ with a professional ‘feel’.

I think DM3 did a respectable job of promoting the auction.? They had a hiccup during the first attempt and needed some massages to get them straightened out for a second go at it.? They brought in a very nice domain in Ocean.com (which I’m very surprised only sold for $100k) for the second attempt.? But in any kind of business, if you want to be taken seriously you must present yourself professionally, especially when you are going to be the face of the event.?? If I compare this event to a video conference at the Corporate America level it was beyond night and day.

Maybe I’m being too harsh but I was pretty shocked.? Anyone else have any thoughts who viewed the auction?

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  • i have to say i did a big LOL, when i read this.
    it was a useful piece and I thankyou as i did not watch auction, tbh there were only a few domains that should have been entered tbh, a lot of junk in there imo for a top notch aution, or supposed to be and wasn’t going to waste time watching as thought only a few would sell anyway
    i had visions of the guy doing the auction as being a typical domainer sitting there in his underpants with an empty pizza box next to him LOL whilst reading

  • I totally agree with you. They could have made some effort of a serious auction but was totally an “amateur” style everyone can do from home.

    If there was end users, they wouldn’t trust IMO.

    But luckly most were domainers and happy ending for them with ocean.com erase all these things.

    I’m sure that if the guy on screen wears a suit and tie, and talk seriously with 1,2,sold like real live auction it will be more professional. Also sitting with a desk of junks and beer is not what domain sellers/buyers are planning to watch while several thousand dollars in domain transactions are open.

    Me too I was shocked, I though it was at a LAs Vegas conference room with many people sitting and watching ready to live bid for final, a podium, a hammer, a serious guy with suit and tie a viseo projection screen that show live auction from Boxcar…. Then people will have refresments, snacks….

    I even see many of these every week in my city. We call it “meeting”!

    Now my comments are not here to hurt anyone but was shocked.

    Congrat to domain madness for high sales but next time be more professional maybe.

    P.S;: Maybe they really wanted to do that funny way!

  • Doesn’t surprise me…

    This mob looked casual, and unprofessional, right from the start on this DM3….They might think its cool to be flip & superficial – but, what you get, at the end of the day, is a hopelssly disorganised shambles. This is business, and its about money at the end of the day…

    They need to grow up, imo, and understand that people will not take them – or their penny-ante auction – seriously until they look, sound & present like 25 carat gold.

    Give them a miss, everyone, until they wise up.

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