The live auction domain list was released about a week ago and now the extended online auction list has been released.? As usual with Snapnames related auctions there are quite a few ridiculous reserves, makes me think a summer intern is approving some of these domains/reserves.? Here’s my quick picks and comments on the the domains: $5k-10k – product domain names are gold.? And this one is reasonably priced for a .com. & $10k-25k – another product.? Consumable products will have frequent repeat customers. No reserve.? Always a chance to catch a deal when there’s no reserve on a nice domain. $10k-25k? I’m sure the CPC on this term is up there.? Could be a lead gen site, content based site, or directory site. $500k-750k? Big market.? I’ll never understand why a car manufacturer wouldn’t have snapped this up already.? They all buy 10 spots on Superbowl Sunday for a few million each which last all of 30 seconds each and after 1 week no one remembers the ads anyways, but they won’t spend less than a million on a permanent asset like this.? I don’t get how they don’t get it.? (hmmm, maybe that’s why some of them needed a bailout)

Sidenote:? has a $5k-10k reserve, has a $200-500 reserve…?? anyone else agree that the .co extension is a dog?

Another sidenote:? with a $2.5k-5k reserve…? It doesn’t even make sense… blushing me …. ??? Bite me, eat me, hit me, call me, etc… make sense, but blushing?? Someone kick that intern to the copy machine and off the Reserve Determination desk. $500k-750k? Is this another intern special, has anything with a .us after it sold for this price range before?? Why is this here?? Damn that intern. $50k-100k? Product domain, clarinets are not going away, could turn this into a nice online store for clarinets and accessories. $5k-10k? Big industry.? Milk and cheese, two of my favs. $50k-100k? Could become a big brand if branded right. $500k-750k?? What was the last .net that sold in this price range?? And what year was it? $50k-100k?? There are a few beyond really pricey .us domains here.? This is lotto ticket reserve pricing, someone has a domain and a dream.? Does Snapnames realize when people see this that the auction houses loses some credibility in the peoples’ eyes.

Comment, and are both listed with reserves in the $1M – $5M range.? Ummmm, okeyyyyyyyyyy…..? Maybe I should register and they’ll let me list it for $500k-750k.

It’s late, I’m tired, made it halfway through the list doing a slow scan.? Can’t take the ridiculous reserves on like 3/4’s of the domains.? Here’s a quick scan of the rest that look interesting:,,,,,,

And ironically, the best .us domain in this auction (IMO) is also the cheapest with at $5-10k.? I still think it is overpriced, but it has a nice ring for a consolidation of charities type of site.

Any guesses for what percentage of the listed domains will sell during the auction?? I’ll go with 15% because there’s a few no reserves out there that are decent/good.





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