If you haven’t logged into your DomainNameSales account today you’ll get a pleasant surprise when you do. It underwent a facelift and is laid out nicer and more functional then before. It’s nice to see when a company makes a little investment on the backend system for its users. Normally most companies focus on forward facing improvements (i.e. improvements to their own website that benefits them and site visitors and not the backend users persay). Nice job DNS.

3 comments on “DomainNameSales Backend Platform Gets a Facelift

  • I was wondering how long would take bloggers to notice!
    it was last night came in, well done on being first.
    some nice additional features

    and yes, their servers are lagging too

    it explains why dns is taking 2 days to get back to simple enwuiries and not adding domains for days either
    please don’t turn into sedo!

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