I add a lot of domains to my Namejet backorder list. Sometimes because I am interested in bidding on the domain, and a lot of times because I’m interested to see what the domain sold for and I can get a nice and easy snapshot through the “Reports” feature of my Namejet account. Namejet is a frustrating place to buy domains name, at least for me, because I see domains sell for prices that make me go “hmmmmmm”. There was also the Namejet scandal (you can Google it if you’re interested) and a lot of times I find a single bidder bidding the price up against me and due to the lack of transparency at Namejet I always wonder if the other bidder is on the up and up or if they are trying to pump me for more money on someone else’s behalf.

I know that more goes into the sale price than just the name itself, some people bid based on backlinks or Pagerank or other items… I only bid based on the name itself. Here’s some domains that sold at auction on Namejet this year where I do not understand the sales price. You tell me if you think these prices sound legit or if something seems a little out of whack:

Ufit.com $15,100 11/5

Puur.com $1,719 10/31

3si.com $1,650 10/20

Applications.co $611 10/15 (.co’s are not selling anywhere)

Ftcc.com $5,100 9/19

w0w.com $5099 9/19 (yes, that is the number zero there)

Yyou.com $2,400 8/28

Huddle.com $131,400 7/22 (yes I know this sold to a company, but who was bidding this much against them?)

If the domains that sold at auction at Namejet were put into anyone else’s auction (GoDaddy, Snapnames, GreatDomains, Latonas, etc…) I HIGHLY doubt they would sell for what they sell at Namejet for and I wonder why that is… someone let me in on the secret.

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