I follow domain trends and I see one trend that is picking up recently (which is good news for me because I’ve been following this strategy for the past year) and this trend is .net product domains. Domains names like ‘leathersofa.net’, ‘scarf.net’, ‘portablegrill.net’ are the type of domain names that fit into this trend.

Why is this trend hot? Simple. .Net domains are selling at a discount right now. Product domains get good ranking in the search engines since they have the keyword in the domain name. And selling products through affiliate sites or using Adsense for product sites is working well for a lot of people.

I bought a domain that fits into this criteria, cradle.net, a few months ago. I paid somewhere around $400 for the domain. If I wanted the .com (and assuming the .com was available for sale) I would guess the asking price would be in the $20,000-$50,000 range. If I want to build a big business selling cradles then I would go after the .com version. But if my main concern is driving traffic through search engines then the .net version does the same exact job as the .com version. I haven’t built out a site on cradle.net yet (I’m actually trying to flip it for around $1,500 which I think is a fair price), but if I get no takers by the end of the year I will develop it in January (when I hopefully will have some spare time).

So unless you’re trying to build a huge business go after those .net product domains instead of the .coms and drive traffic through the SERPs. Your wallet will thank you.

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