As mentioned in a post this past week, here are (what I consider) my most interesting recent domain name acquisitions. I’ll go back a few months and list out what I’ve been buying and briefly talk about why I’ve bought what I’ve bought. – great geo domain, if I’m not able to find a buyer for this then I will happily develop this domain. Been camping there before, great place. Has good name recognition and I love this domain. & – I did well with a quick flip of and I saw these two come up for auction and bought them. I also picked up some hand reg domains and think I found some nice ones that could be flipped. Some that I picked up:,, TrackingDashboard, – I already own and in internet marketing there is always interest among people in doing joint ventures. & – I own a handful of domains. Anytime I can pick one up in a price range I like I do it. – we’ve all seen them, some of us own them. If I can sell it great, if not I can create an affiliate or drop ship site.

Marijuana related domain names – I scooped up anything I could that was available, maybe around 75-100 domains in all that fit the profile I was going after. I think it is only a matter of time until more states legalize it. I am very bullish on this topic. A few that I really like:,,,,,,,,, & – bought one through an auction and one through the owner. I think these have great branding potential within the travel/tourism industry.

Feel free to drop a comment if you have anything to say, and they are all for sale if interested.

12 comments on “Domains that I Have Purchased Recently

  • I think I picked up some of your marijuana related domain leftovers. I had made a list in October that were available and was planning to register, but when I went to register them someone (guessing you) had registered 90% of them between Nov 7th & 8th. 🙁 I’d be very interested in hearing how those work out for you in future posts.


  • Yup, looks like that was me, starting registering them right on the 7th I believe. I can tell you after 1 month there has been no interest and no traffic 🙂 I’ll write an update if there’s anything to update in the future on them. But I’m guessing these will sit for a few years probably until other states adapt.

  • Some pretty decent pickups IMO. One thing you might consider with geo-based marijuana names is that cities in solid red states may not be the best bet. As a Texas resident, I doubt legalization on a state level here ever happens. In fact, if marijuana is ever decriminalized nationally, I would expect it to be outlawed in Texas on the state level in short order. I hope I am wrong…

  • Las Vegas Dispensary is a nice one (there are 16 dispensaries listed on weedmaps that would probable buy that one)! Last year, I hand regged Detroit Dispensary and sold it a few days later for $1K (I also had an offer of $3K for MarijuanaCard), so there are people in that business buying dispensary, marijuana, 420 and other related domains.

  • Josh – you’d think Texas would be smart and legalize it as that would help drive a reduction in border drug activies. But then again, who said Politicians are smart.

    Ron – thanks for that tip. I hadn’t done much in the way of trying to move any of them but I’ll check out that site and see if I can generate some leads.

  • Ha,ha, maybe now I can use We thought it would be legal up here in Canada first but apparently Colorado and Washington are much more civilized. I picked up the name a year or two ago. With all of the drug commercials on tv one after the other its amazing pot is such a big deal. I guess the prescription peddler’s can’t patent pot.

  • I registered when it first came out. I know, crappy extension. I lost track of it and it dropped. I had planned to hold on to it and eventually build a directory. Oh well.

    Just registered and Maybe I can sell email addresses together with subdomains? Or just give them away, ? la We’ll see where these domains take us. Just from messing around I still see a ton of good dispensary dot coms available to register.

      • Yeah I bought one all the hell up. Every tld and even the hyphenated version. Hell you think I was smoking the stuff.I own about 20 most are .coms and 1 is brandable. Now all I have to do is build a magazine for, buy a cafe for CannCAFE and and advertise the hell out of weedretailers and,net,org,info,…..Damn I do stupid crap sometimes. LOL

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