You got your hands on a good domain name, any day now you are expecting an end user to come knocking on your door and offer you a sack of money… but what if that offer never comes or what if that sack doesn’t hold as much money as you were expecting?? Here’s a tip for you to possibly significantly increase what you can get for your domain.

Give the end user more then just a domain name, give them some value by providing already existing traffic.? If you have an insurance related domain name how much more valuable would that domain be to an end user if you were driving 50 targeted traffic hits a day?? That is 1,500 possible leads a month to that end user.? If they normally convert 1 out of 200 leads that is 7.5 conversions a month.? And if they normally pay affiliates $100 per sale that is $750/month in value that you are giving them.? These numbers are random of course, but you get the point.? Any intelligent end user is going to recognize the value in this and you are going to get a leg up when trying to sell your domain against the domain sellers whose domain are not delivering any additional value.? And when you create this value don’t be shy to tell possible end users about that value.? Instead of saying “Hey, I have this great domain, I’m asking $XXXX for it, let me know” you can set your domain apart from the rest by saying “Hey, I have this great domain in your niche.? I’ve worked on building traffic to the site and it is currently getting 50 targeted hits a day.? That is 50 potential customers that you could be getting a day right from the start.? Etc…”.? I’m not going to write out an entire pitch for you but you can see what I’m driving at.

If I ended the post here the question that you would ask me is “Ok, so how do I get this traffic to my domain?”.

Well, it takes a little work.? That isn’t the answer you wanted to hear, but that is the truth.? Put up at least a landing page on your domain (though I’d really recommend at least 5 to 10 pages of content).? Use meta keywords, H1 and H2 tags, and a meta description.? Focus on the keyword(s) the domain is about.? And most importantly, build those backlinks.? Build them through forums, through blog commenting, through article writing & submission, etc…? And build those backlinks using anchor text.? Don’t just link to http: //www. YOURSITE .com .? Use anchor text for the keyword(s) you are targeting.? Spend 2-3 hours a week building those backlinks.? It’s not that much time, you can do it any time of the day or night, and the potential value you could be adding will provide a nice return to you.? If you’re lazy you can hire an outsourced worker for $1.50/hour and spend a whopping $3-$4.50 a week for this backlink building.

This is such a simple step to helping you sell your domain names and something that most people don’t take the time or effort to do.? Think about it this way: there are two corner gas stations.? They are equal in everything except that one has customers visiting it on a daily basis and the other one has no one visiting it.? Now if you were going to purchase a gas station which one would you want to own?? Domain names are no different.? Create value = create sales.

2 comments on “Don’t Just Sit on a Domain, Add Value to Drive a Sale

  • Chris,
    thanks for the push.
    I have not looked for a backlinks builder
    but $1.50 an hour seems like a bargain.
    Do you know of 1 or 2 people who would
    do this at $1.50 per hour I could hire
    for my MedicalMile site??

    thanks Chris,
    Ed – Michigan

  • I would recommend There are many good people there from places like India, Singapore, etc… who do very good work. And you would be surprised, if you list a job for $1.50 an hour you will get in upwards of 20 people applying. I rarely have a bad experience there.

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