The internet is constantly changing and if you want to make any money online then you need to change with it. Parking domains is a dead method. It worked great years ago, but now it is possible the worst use of a good domain name… you are leaving money on the table each and every day. It is a dinosaur method and it is becoming extinct. Here’s why…

Back in the day you could get type ins with good generic domain names. Today… ehhh… not so much. Direct navigation is becoming less and less relevant each year. How do people get to websites nowadays? Through search engines mostly. How will your site appear in search engines? Through parking??? Think again. A parked site will almost never outrank even a semi-developed site (all else being equal). When you develop a site you are feeding those hungry search engine spiders with keywords, tags, H1 headings, and all that other good stuff. The search engines will reward you for this food by bumping you up in the SERPs. A parked domain offers no food.

Developing a domain can be simply, quick, and cheap once you get the hang of it. If you have a single word .com category killer domain then you would probably be wise to invest some money into having a professional developer make a domain for you. If you have domains that you want to develop in a matter of a day then you can either do it yourself or outsource the work.

What do I do? I do most of my development myself for sites that I want to quickly develop into content sites. I use WordPress 99% of the time. I have a list of 6 or 7 plugins that I use on every one of my sites. I have studied where to place ads on my site to get the maximum clickthrough rates. And I can now take a blank domain and build a 20+ page content site in less than a day. It comes out looking professional. It provides useful unique content. And it makes me more money in one month than parking my domain would make me in a year.

Maybe you’re a lazy person? There’s a lot of people who are lazy, but you still don’t need to park your domains. You can hire an outsourced worker for $2/hour who will do everything I just wrote about for you in an 8 hour work day. So if you’re lazy and cheap you can get a semi-decent developed site for $16. I say semi-decent because most $2/hour outsourced workers won’t be able to write the same quality content that I would write.

So if you’re sitting on a few pretty decent domain names and making three cents a day from parking why don’t you get off your backside and try turning it into something a little more profitable. You’ll be surprised at the results.

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