In the past few months the news has come out that Google has dinged EMDs (exact match domains) and everyone jumps on the bandwagon that this is a fact. To counter that train of thought here’s a quick blurb about one of my sites…

Sometimes I get caught up in too many projects. Three months ago I purchased a new unregistered domain, 4 words, EMD for what I wanted the site to be about. It would be a content based site and I’d be promoting an affiliate product in the sidebar. So I built out a basic WordPress based site, did my usual on-site SEO optimization, but only got about 10 pages of unique handwritten content on the site before the site fell off my radar and I was occupied with something else.

Yesterday I noticed I got an affiliate sale from the site. So I spent some time checking out the site statistics and was very surprised. Here’s what I found:

– 0 backlinks to my site in Yahoo (only my internal on-site links). Yes, ZERO backlinks. Keep this in mind because everyone is under the impression that backlinks are the most critical thing and EMD value is going down.

– Averaging 120+ visits per day, all through search engines, 98% of which is through Google over the past month and a half. The affiliate product is converting like total crap, but still 3,600 uniques per month is respectable and that is the point.

– 52 Million competing results in Google for the 4 word keyword.

Want to know where I’m ranking? #2.

Recap… 0 backlinks + EMD = #2 out of 52 million in Google? (and the domain isn’t even aged)

Now of course I am not saying this is the norm. And I am not saying I would expect this to happen. But I am saying that it is eye opening. Are EMDs dead and backlinks are king? Well… at least not in 1 case.

One comment on “EMDs are Dead? Don’t Believe Everything You Read

  • A few of my EMD 1-month old handreg domains are developed into minisites do get rank #1 or #3 on page 1 Google and none of them got backlink.


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