Over at Namejet the domain name ePark.com is on auction.? There is exactly 4 hours left to go and currently the high bid is $5,400.? There are 236 bidders for this auction.? What is your guess for the final auction ending price?? Personally I think it will be up there because this is the type of name that domainers love.? It is very brandable and anyone who wants to start their own domain parking company will need this domain.

My guess is this goes for $26,200.? What’s your guess?

5 comments on “ePark.com Domain Auction Ends in 4 Hours, Guesses on Final Price?

  • I own tldpark.com and tldparking.com …I wonder how much those are worth?

    By the way, do you wonder why you have so few coments to your articles? Check your Human Test solution…it’s not working and people won’t stay and try several time. I stayed because I wanted to tell you that.

  • @MG

    Thanks for the feedback… I thought there were no comments cause my posts were putting people to sleep 🙂

    I tested the ‘human test’ and I was 2 for 2. I could see it being annoying for people but it has worked 100% from keeping spam comments off the site. I’ll take it down and see how it goes.

    I’d guess you could sell the pair to a reseller for mid $XXX or an end user for mid $XXXX.

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