I picked up the domain Expiring.org through a private sale on a forum maybe a month or two ago.? I did not have any exact plan for it but after a thing or two popped up I was able to launch a nice little site yesterday.? The site (as you might guess) has a listing of expiring domain names.? The list is filterable, and if you are interested in quickly knowing more about a domain name you can click the magnifying glass next to the domain to see the domain’s Pagerank, # of backlinks found in different search engines, and # of pages indexed.? The sites updates daily each morning at around 7:45 a.m. est. so it is a zero maintenance site which is always nice (for the website owner).

The site is free to use, it is not one of those $29.99/month deleting domain sites.? I plan on using the site myself once in a while to see if I can find any good LLLL.com’s that deleted.? If you have any thoughts on what could be done to make the site more useful I’d be interested to hear them, post a comment below.

4 comments on “Expiring.org : Expiring Domain Search Tool

    • Bought a script off of someone. Hired a guy to make the banner for me. Loaded everything to my server and made a few small coding changes myself for enhancements.

      Site was built in under 3 hours of true ‘work time’.

  • Hey man, you have some skills!
    You are one of the few in the domain industry (well…the ones who I follow) cranks out database driven websites. You always pick a decent name, with a great script and banners. Makes it look so easy and logical!

    Since most of your sites are database driven, how do you get traffic in the first 3-6 months?

    • To have a purely database driven site like Expiring.org it is hard to rank in the search engines since there isn’t much search engine meat to the site.
      I’ll have to add some content pages to the site probably and also work on backlink building. Not sure how much time I will invest into this for Expiring.org as this is a very small side site I made.

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