There are 52 domains that are going to be auctioned on Namejet in what is sure to attract a ton of bidding and bidders. Here’s the entire list of all 52 domains so you can quickly scan and see if any perk your interest and you want to bid on them.

You can click on the domain name to be taken directly to the auction page.

3 comments on “Fifty Two’s Coming to Auction on Namejet – Here’s the List

  • Do you know if they are one owners portfolio or portion thereof ?? Who ?? Did the seller(s) mention why they are letting these go – at this time ??

    Just curious — if anyone knows. . .

    ~Patricia – DomainBELL

  • These are a private sale,these names are not expired. The seller using NameJet for the sale like you might use Go Daddy for a public auction. NameJet does not let everyone sell through their auction platform.

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