The first auction of 2012 has kicked off. I am not a fan of the switch from the auction being to it now being on, and I also can’t seem to be able to direct link to it because it is not on a static page, but rather on a results page which is dynamic.? Not sure why the switch, but mark me down for disliking it.

The auction seems a little bit light on high quality domains.? The highest reserve is for (in the $100k-$250k range) but I’d much rather have the plural than the singular for this domain.

Here’s what I think will sell based on value and reserve prices and what I like: ($5-10k reserve) – This become an online store immediately with this domain.? But unless you plan on dropshipping you’ll need big cash for the inventory. ($1-500 reserve) – Multiple uses, it is a with premium letters which means a base value of $1,000.? Could be used in the medical context for a site about illnesses (medical keywords pay high CPC).? Also, ill is the abbreviated form of Illinois. ($1-500 reserve) – you could inquire with Marchex about the .com, but I’d guess you’d need quite a bit of disposable cash to buy that from them.? The .net is a much cheaper version and it would allow you to put your cash into developing the site out, seo, and marketing instead. ($1-$500 reserve) – good keyword that goes well with the .tv extension.? Could be a video site or an app or a software product. ($50k-$90k reserve) – I like the domain, I think it could sell if the reserve is at the low end of the reserve range. ($1-500 reserve) – Nice GEO domain.? 1.2 million broad searches per month and 33k exact searches per month. ($1k-$5k reserve) – lots of possible users for this one if you look in the Google results. ($50k-$100k reserve) – I don’t see this selling, and not sure how you’d monetize it, but you could own a piece of history for the cost of an A8.

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