“The content is almost designed to be bad. The fact is that if it’s marketed correctly, crap sells.”? – Fortune on Demand Media

Fortune just published an article about the anticipated Demand Media IPO and they really unloaded on Demand and their business model.? What I found interesting is how they tear apart the Demand business model and pinpoint their success to their mastering of Google’s Algorithm (which we all have a good idea of the key drivers there) and using cheap and low quality content.? What would happen if Google read this article and agreed with Fortune, that Demand was pushing sub standard content that they didn’t want in their search results?? If you fly under the radar then you can get away with it, but I fail to see how Google won’t take some sort of action based on this being a Fortune article.? You can read the article HERE.

5 comments on “Fortune Unloads on Demand Media

  • They definitely do have a point.

    Unless and until the domain industry starts focusing on launching well-designed sites (I’m not referring to domaining blogs), it’s going to continue to have this poor reputation. 2011 needs to be the year of superb design and user experience; after which the ad dollars will follow, and the industry’s reputation will improve.


  • The truth is their sites and info. are better than most of the garbage coming from mom and pops, and even “skilled developers”.

    I smell jealousy, honestly.

  • What I find ironic is that a significant amount of Demand Media’s content may lack substance, but all of it is very well-written. There are other “content mill” sites with more worthless and poorly written content than DM.

    Thanks for changing your captcha tool.

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