Am I alone here, but I’m tired of seeing the homepage dominated by multiple posts by The Frager Factor.? In less than 5 hours, Frager put up 7 posts, so 7 of the 12 most recent articles go to Frager Factor.? Some of them are nothing more then one sentence and then a link to an article somewhere else.? I love checking out daily, but seeing original, interesting, unique posts getting pushed down on the site because of multiple Frager Factor posts is annoying.? And it happens quite often.? I know there is a filter feature, but nonwithstanding, am I alone here or does anyone else feel this way?

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  • I hear ya, it gets pretty annoying. I honestly don’t know what his credentials are or how he has so much time to do those useless posts.

  • “but seeing original, interesting, unique posts getting pushed down on the site because of multiple Frager Factor posts is annoying”

    But Frager is the most creative poster for all of, just ask him…

  • Fragor blog is not my list. Why?

    1. His posts are stupid stuff, that has no meaning.

    2. Most of his posts he does not make sense.

    3. All he does is talk about other people shit, like Rick had done this or he post the stuff from way back 1990s. and stupid stuff like that.

    I have blocked his blog, and have ignored him. His blog can be potentially looked up as “Spamming”

    Just like you, I hate to see the fragor burying good posts under his stupid one word sentences.

    Fragor, please be advice, stop spamming for GOD SAKE with your NO SENSE posts.

  • You are not alone. His posts are worthless and spammy at best. Why is he trying so hard? It seems that he doesn’t even own any impressive domains. Kind of a loser if you ask me.

  • About time someone spoke up about this. 100% of Frager’s posts are absolutely useless. It’s high time gave this clown the boot.

    And the question of the day… This Frager clown supposedly does business with Fortune 500 companies, yet runs a gigantic disorganized spammy cluster f@ck of a blog? What a bullshitter…

  • Frager is annoying. Hardly ever has any good content and always throws around Frank Schillings name to try to draw traffic. I say give him the boot.

  • It was an eye-opener to see the Domaining page get flooded with articles from one site, but all was not lost, I had to suspend disbelief when I found one of his “articles” which consisted of a quick cut’n’paste from someone at the to be fairly helpful.

    I’d probably just register or use NoScript to block him if this continues.

  • Yes, I have noticed this problem also. Regardless of whether you like Frager’s style and substance, at times there has been a perception he engages in aggregator spamming.

  • you can filter.

    @Francois I hope you joking. I don’t want to miss out on many of the bloggers who give solid daily updates even more so when a conference or auction is taking place.

    Just some thoughts. Thanks.


  • I am glad that you made this post as he is nothing more than a spammer in my eyes and the quicker he gets kicked off the better for all domainers.

  • And yesterday’s “content farm ban” article? totally inaccurate, histrionic, misleading and rambling. I’ll admit that sometimes they put up good stuff, but I’m starting to feel like they’re a bit of a content farm themselves.

    I hate getting SEO’d … I feel like I should know better!

  • Hi,

    1.I do think that is a very reasonable idea by: Francois

    2. Owen, who I know…is not purposely making a lot of post…to “spam” domaining .com ~ I think Francois knows this…Owen just has amazing talent to produce a lot of content very fast…and they are not just a couple paragraphs long…of crap.

    3. Owen,is one of the best domain blogger’s around for the Industry, he does a great job and spend countless hours a day doing it.

    4. He can and does turn out a lot of great post…not just things like: oh…”Sedo” sold this XXX domain for this much $$$

    5. Someone with his passion and writing skills should be welcomed by our industry….not many here could produce the quality and quantity of good information he does…on a daily basis.

    6. Like “Ariyas” says…if you do not want to read what Owen has to say..just block his feed and do not go to his blog…easy fix.

    7. The comments you made about Owen…were not right at all…and uncalled for. IMHO

    8. Your time would be better well spent in the “refinement” of your own blogging skills… rather than ‘bagging’ on someone else… and yes this statement includes me also.

    Best To All,

  • @Dan

    Is your name Owen?

    Here’s a post, you tell me how much “passion” “writing skills” and benefit this provides:

    http://fragerfactor.blogspot.c0m/2011/02/microsoft-accuses-google-of-click-fraud.html (change the zero in .c0m to an “o”, don’t feel like giving a backlink to this)

    And wait, here is another post made five minutes earlier:

    http://fragerfactor.blogspot.c0m/2011/02/feds-seize-more-domains.html (change the zero in .c0m to an “o”, don’t feel like giving a backlink to this)

    Hmmmm, what you’ll notice is there is nothing original here, he is just linking to other content. No wonder he can produce posts so rapidly.

    Now I have no place saying what he does or doesn’t put on his site. I don’t have any issue with his site. My issue is with these posts dominating the site and pushing down original posts made by other people.

    My blogging skills are not in question here, but if they were I’d say I’m an amateur at best, but hey, I never claimed otherwise.

  • Dan or “Danno” is part of Frank Schilling’s organization. Find his blog at Frager has a handicap that almost prohibits him from using his fingers. It’s amazing he can put out anything at all and the community of his readers that knows this is very understanding. It’s a terminal condition (like the one Michael J Fox has) so tremors in the hands can have unintended consequences.

  • @dan – are you f-ing nuts? Every post before yours disagrees with what you say. I don’t see any other supporters here. Anyone could do what Owen does every day – which is find other articles or 5 year blog posts from top domainers, write a sentence or two of his thoughts on it, then repost the whole other article or link to it. I could churn out dozens of blog posts like that too!

  • Owen has zero track record and shouldn’t be blogging at all. It is like the domaining industry is high school and he is a freshman trying to suck up to Rick and friends so they will pay attention to him.

    My favorite part is that Owen thinks he is some sort of creative genius that helps Fortune 500 companies with branding. He need to understand that he has taken his own brand “Owen Frager” and made it synonymous with spammer, loser and no credibility.

    I get annoyed everytime I hear or see “Frager” anywhere. I want to hear from people who own serious domains, have developed or sold serious domains or who write compelling content. Owen does none of the above…sorry, I meant “Dan”.

  • Francois, PLEASE take Frager off I think these comments speak for the majority of the industry — he adds ZERO value!!

  • All of these comments appear to be written by the same person who loves to say 100 percent of the posts are useless. Perhaps if you are so serious about this issue you should use your real names and phone no so you can be on record in a meaningful way.

  • Hi All…

    admin…worry about your own backyard.

    You not going to win any original “Novelist of the Year” award anytime soon…

    Blogger’s all have different views and goal’s…blogs like Owens convey information usually on some sort of new news that has “just” happen, and to back up what he writes he links to the sources etc…

    If you have a problem with is… well that is 100% your problem, no one else’s

    I could select on A 10-1 ratio of blog post Owen has written or made that are 3x longer than anything you have written in your life…

    SO, nice “cherry picking” of blog post…

    Look at your post that started ALL is SIX line’s long!…SIX ( but that’s does not “link” back to anywhere….LOL)


    Gerry David…thx…I was going to mention that…I did try to point out how hard he really does work…

    Fred;…you can go to &&^% if you think, I have to be s a “sheep” and go along with what every one else thinks “before” or after me thinks or post.

    Ted: Owen has been posting for years…

    But my god, for the most part what a brunch cry babies… over nothing of real importance.

    Why not report or suggest on something domain’ers can do to help people and their family from around the world get into contact with their family’s and friends in Egypt?

    This thread is so unnecessary…

    Fire away now…have fun as this will be my last post on this subject. I have better thing to to do like, “clip my toe nails” 🙂


  • Dan, we all know you are really Owen so why pretend? Too bad you are the only one going to bat for yourself. You responded to me saying Owen has been blogging for years. The fact still remains that you have no track record of success in domaining. Your years of blogging simply equates to years of spamming and churning out nonsense. Unfortunately, as you will read above, no one wants to read your crap. Let’s see if you can refrain from responding. When you do respond, don’t forget to change plurals to singulars and add apostrophes where they are not needed so it doesn’t appear to be written by Owen. Lol.

  • I noticed Ted and most you other post “anonymously”…no links to blogs or websites. Very ‘brave’ of you.

    ADMIN: If this was/is TRUE, Why instead of making a “federal issue” out of this…just email “Fancois” privately…and ALL this “BS” in this thread, would be a ‘non-issue’?????


    Now I have no place saying what he does or doesn?t put on his site. I don?t have any issue with his site. My issue is with these posts dominating the site and pushing down original posts made by other people. END QUOTE


    It was an “easy fix” by just sending an email…but for some reason you needed someone to validate your thoughts by making this blog post…so here we are,

    BTW: my toe nails look great now 😉


    BTW: Ted…If you knew just how wrong your post a view(s) of me are, you would stop posting them..but do not let me stop you…they are more than funny.


    why are you just an ‘anonymous’ poster?..put a website link in the box…tell us a bit about yourself, you seem like quite an interesting person…no reason to be ‘shy’….we are just friends talking over a very important subject…feel free really let us to get to know you.

    Now, Ihave to go clip my “finger nails” 🙂

  • I used to visit domaining a lot more before I notice of such abuse. I am surprise that there is no limitation set on Certainly not good for business when you have 1 user dominating your website regardless of the quality of his content.

  • Owen – Per your request, I added a website above that would be perfect for you to add your site to. Unfortunately, they aren’t accepting new submissions but if you submit as much as you blog about nothing, perhaps you can bend their will to be included. Another good website to view would be DNJ’s top domain sales by year or all time. I am certain you were not a party to ANY of those transactions, which is why all of the voices above ignore you. By the way, you can remove “Dan” now that you slipped and admitted that you are really Owen (you posted: “BTW: Ted?If you knew just how wrong your post a view(s) of me are…”). LOL.

  • @Dan/Owen

    I had emailed Francois privately. But I think it would be beneficial for Francois to see other people’s opinions instead of asking him to implement a change and having to code it based solely on my opinion. That is the point of this post. As you can see, there is a popular consensus here. Again, I am not knocking your blog, you can do whatever you want on your blog. But I am commenting on how your blog impacts and everyone else’s blogs. I am commenting on how one person’s actions are harming multiple bloggers by knocking their posts lower on Domaining. It is called consideration, and obviously you have none. Maybe none of the other bloggers want to call you out on this, but in speaking with one or two of them privately they feel the same way.

    And I’m not trying to be a “novelist of the year” but at least when I do post it is always original and not just referencing someone else’s post(s).

    If you want extra traffic to your blog use Adwords, Trafficvance, or another paid method.

  • Thanks Admin…. I get that. Thanks for the reply.

    Someone one please tell “Ted”. I am NOT Owen… 🙂

    Just to funny… Ted I Am NOT OWEN!

    Peace To All!
    Dan ~ AKA ~ “Danno”

    BTW: I am currently my blog feed is not on

    But “Francois” and I have discuss this privately…currently my blog is being moved to a different platform…that is why I have not made a post for a while…they are in the middle of making this change’s to give me more control over what I do and post. My blog does not carry any advertising at all…so that is a non-issue with me.

    Everything seems to be ‘ironed out’ by “Francois” idea…

    So lets hope we can all move on to more productive and interesting issues, concerning the ‘domain world specifically’, as well as anything that effects it, from the inside or from outside any concerns, such as economic and political issues, to SE’s and Social Media etc…

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