There’s always those sales where I’m left scratching my head and this is one of them…? the domain name sold on Namejet today with an ending price of $13,799.? There were three bidders who bid over $12,500 on the domain.? I checked the basic stats for the term “free computer” and with a CPC of $1.05, over 360 million competing results in Google, and 4,400 exact searches globally in Google a month I don’t see what the hoopla is about.? Here are some other results from the past couple days on Namejet that I kept tabs on: $3,800 $1,209 $575 (I think this one was a good price for the buyer, should have gone for higher) $2,099 $1,555 $1,301 $858

And over on Snapnames went for around $1,075 I believe.

7 comments on “ Sells on Namejet for $13,799… Huh? And Other Auction Results

  • The may have something to do with the age of the domain (13 years, I believe). Perhaps a big company is considering reviving the computer giveaway craze of the late 1990s.

  • “Free” is a super keyword, especially during a recession. sold for $50,000 sold for $61,000

  • I tend to scratch my head on a lot of weekly sales at Dn Journal. I am always like wondering why names that don’t make sense sell while mine sell for much less.

  • @ Paul

    Not sure I understand those sales either. Both are resolving to parked pages currently and I can’t imagine huge direct navigation traffic to them.

    @ Steve

    I know the feeling 🙂

    • hey guys, the most 2 strong keywords combined with thedotcom….I think this is cheap for a domain like this…sooner or later a smart comapny will offer free computers to sell services or whatever….hey pc’s are cheap now….well… that’s my opinion.

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