Today is Cyber Monday and fittingly enough there was an auction on Ebay ( ) for which ended today. The auction ended at $1,125. I bid on this auction but I stopped bidding when I had the feeling that there might be something fishy with this auction. My suspicion (and this may be totally untrue, it is just my gut feeling) told me that the seller either had someone he knew bid on his auction or he bid on it himself to try to drive the price up.

Whenever a bidder only has a few feedback I like to check out the bidder’s current bidding status.? This told me that this bidder had bid on two of the auctions of the seller.? The seller only had 4 live auctions, 3 for tickets and 1 for a domain name.? Bidding on an auction for a concert ticket (where you need to be located near the venue) and bidding on a domain name seemed a little bit odd to me.? To me, it is more likely that this bidder is really the seller trying to jack up his auctions (also known as shill bidding for those who want to see me use the correct lingo).? If I had to place a bet, I’d say that this domain is going to stay right where it is in terms of registrar and whois information and won’t change hands.? Maybe I’m wrong, but usually in cases like this I’ve found I’m right more times then not.? And for those who are curious, the domain resolves to a GoDaddy parked page.? The seller isn’t doing anything with the domain and (I believe) he missed out on a sale due to his shady tactics.

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  • I was more lucky than you, I was able to register the following domains:


    I don’t think they are so bad. I was surprise that these name were available.

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