The minimum offer price on the domains that Godaddy purchased from Marchex has come out and 99.99% of the domains are priced with minimum offers and the sum of those is a little over $110,000,000.

Some of the names have a minimum offer that is well below what the domain would sell for, so there’s some big upside on some of them, but there’s also a ton that have a minimum offer amount that nobody would pay even if it was a buy it now price instead.? There’s too many domains to try to sort through to make any numerical guesses as to value here.? I think the $28M was a good price for GoDaddy and I think in the end they will wind up with a nice profit.? For a company their size it probably will not make much of a dent in their financials, and whatever gains they get will be one time and not recurring so the stock analysts probably don’t care too much about this deal.

Also I’d be surprised if they didn’t let a solid 10%+ of the names drop when renewal comes up because while there’s some very high quality domains in there, there’s also a bunch of dogs.

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