I had mentioned a week or two ago that I had bought a domain through Sedo auction but didn’t want to mention it until the sale went through.? It has gone through and I now own 3DSales.com.? I’m pretty pumped about the domain, I do not own any other 3D domain names, and even though the 3D story is a bit wishy washy with lukewarm articles in the news you can’t deny that the movie and electronics industry is making a huge push for it and I think the push will be sustained.? Things go through cycles and if you understand this then you know that 3D is the new cycle.? Even if customers don’t initially accept a new cycle, eventually they will if the industries push long and hard enough.

I am swamped with developing domains right now so this domain may sit unused for a little while until I free up some time.? It’s use is pretty straightforward, it will be a site which consolidates 3D items that are on sale.? Easier said then done so it will take some time to build.? I didn’t want to take on any new development projects at this time, but I feel like I stole this domain with how cheap it went for at Sedo so I couldn’t pass it up.? If the site manages to sell a few 3D tv’s through affiliate links the site will pay for itself in the blink of an eye.? Curious to know what you guys think this domain would sell for… take a guess in the comments section.? After a week I’ll let you know what I paid.

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