The monthly auction is closing in 2 days from now.? The list of domains for sale for (12 of them!!!) and is very strong compared to recent GreatDomains auctions I’ve seen (in terms of quantity for sale).? I have my eye on two domains for sale which have not met their reserve yet so I’ll be watching them, but I’m not mentioning them here because I don’t want the extra competition.? I also (re)listed a domain ( for sale which if you’re an app developer could be a great domain name for a Facebook app since the term “friended” is commonly associated with Facebook and has great name recognition among the FB crowd.? I also listed a domain ( in the auction with no reserve.? Ironically I had no contact about this domain name previously and in the past week I’ve had two people email me about the domain name and expressing interest in it.

There are two big .net domains that look like they may get sold, and Both sit at $20,000 right now and the reserve range is up to $24,999 so they are almost there.? Nice to see some good action on prime .net domains.

Some domains that I think are solid (but I’m not bidding on) in auction: – I think IHOP (the pancake house) might be a possible end user for this one.? Maybe HP also. – killer name for a foreign exchange site. – I could see a politically incorrect site here, I won’t side on whether or not it is a proper use for the domain, but I could picture it driving some serious traffic.? Bid is currently $1k but reserve is set between $5-10k so not sure this one will sell. – no reserve, bidding at $200 currently.? Make a site where people could list their ex’s who cheated.? Of course plaster dating site affiliate banners on it and you might have a winner there.




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