The auction is ending in 2 hours. A lot of the domains have not hit reserve yet but let’s take a look at my favorites that have hit reserve (prices listed are the current bid): $4,700 Could be short for New Zealand $1,999 euro Good site for many different products, spelling is tricky so not sure how it would do with type ins. $1,100 Political site anyone? $1,000 Pronounceable CVCV, every week it seems like one of these sells for $25k $750 Not a fan of .biz domains but this keyword could be resold to a law firm pretty $500 Could be turned into a business $400 Site about sleep or sleeping disorder products? $110 Not a hot selling product IMO but a trendy one

One comment on “ Auction Ending in 2 Hours, My Picks Which Have Hit Reserve

  • Thanks for picking up on my domain,

    I can’t believe it is still under $500 as of a few moments ago given the potential scope of use.Who doesn’t want to feel Rested afterall?

    Since there is no reserve I congratulate the winning bidder in advance!

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