The August auction started yesterday and while I think last month’s auction had a stronger selection of domains there are always some nice hidden gems in there. There’s a couple of dot .info domains which already have some bids on them (I’m not a fan of .info domains) which I’m surprised about while some seemingly stronger names have less or no bids on them currently. Let’s look at what’s on the block this month: – 12 bids, at $11k and has already hit reserve. A lot of results in Google for this Very strong bidding on this in the early stages also. Could have a nice finish. – generic term, also the name of a big company. A quick search reveals there may be some bad history with this domain though. – one word financial niche term.? 60,500 exact searches per month, over 11 million broad searches per month (according to Google keyword tool).? This is the type of domain a bank should buy instead of spending millions on a marketing campaign that directs people to a hard to remember domain name. – as in Trinidad & Tobago…? I have never developed a geo site (well… actually I did once but it came our poorly) but there are people who do it and make big money. – not a fan of the ‘trendy’ use of letters like in this domain, but I think in this case it could work nicely if developed right. – is there an adult site where the guy wear a headcam during the entire encounter?? There could be… – I hear this term applied more to shoes than to apartments in my daily life, but I doubt anyone is turning this into a shoe site.? Six figure reserve range on this one. – the only CVCV in this auction.? Pronouncable so will sell in the $X,XXX range.


That’s about all that caught my eye.? I think August is the vacation month for most people so maybe the domainers out there are off on a tropical island instead of selling their domains this month.

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