The whole GoDaddy fiasco on Groupon has more casualities, specifically my Groupon account, which they just closed. They did not contact me to tell me this, I tried to log in and got an “Account is Deactivated” note on the screen. Upon calling in to find out why I was told it was because I purchased multiple GoDaddy Groupons. They have not refunded me my money for the now non-valid GoDaddy Groupons, and they closed the account. Sounds like Groupon is trying to steal my money and run. I had an issue with them before in the past when I bought a $400 vacation Groupon (meaning I paid $400 for the Groupon), then the vacation company shut down for a month which is when I was going on vacation and I could not redeem the Groupon and Groupon made me jump through hoops to get my money back which they fought tooth and nail to only try to give me a Groupon credit.

I get that I and others were trying to maximize the deal. The Groupon said limit 1 per customer per account, but when you buy Groupons from different cities they are technically different Groupons. And Groupon did not limit these actions when you went to purchase them which would have been very easy to do from a technical standpoint so if they want to punish someone they should punish their IT team. And I’m sure there will be people who say “you should have known better” and that is fine.

I’ll talk to them further about getting a refund which I know they won’t offer on their own since they haven’t offered it and closed the account, but on a go forward basis I won’t spend another red cent with them. Their business practices are more than shady and we saw how shady their accounting practices, specifically revenue recognition methodologies were when they were about to go public and had to restate revenue. In short, Groupon you suck and now I’m a Living Social kinda guy.

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  • File a dispute with your credit card company or whatever method you used to pay for the coupons if they do not refund you.

    • Not only file a dispute, file it as FRAUD. They charged you for groupons which in a federal court settlement were agreed to be gift certificates. By law those may neither expire nor be cancelled.

  • Has anyone been able to get a refund? I sent an email to groupon on the 4th and its now the 9th with no reply. So I call them today and of course once the lady sees my account and I say I want a refund, she goes I need to put you on hold my computer is acting up lol. Then comes back with I see your email let me forward it to my manager. I’ll update to let people know what happens.

    I have never done a chargeback with my cc, is there anyway they can stop me from doing a chargeback?

  • @ryan, please let us know what happens. I emailed them back on the 5th and have yet to hear back, although I have not called them yet.

    I am thinking of disputing the charges with my bank, although I did not use a credit card. I used a debit card to purchase.

    I just checked my groupon account and I am still able to log in. However, I am not able to use my purchased groupons. I have yet to receive an email from GoDaddy.

    Let’s keep each other updated on the situation. It’ll help us all out.

  • Called groupon again today and of course the lady puts me on hold for 30 then comes back with my supervisor wont let me refund this many transactions I need to send this to resolutions. So I ask when will I get a reply she says 24, no 48, no 72 hours lol, they just make shit up on the spot. I keep asking for a refund so she sends me to her supervisor so now I’m on hold for 15 minutes waiting for that. Once shes on the line she says the case is now going to the fraud department. So I say if she doesnt give me a refund I’m going to my CC company to get my money. She says she would rather me go to my CC company to get my money back than give me a refund LOL. What kind of company is this place. I was reading online and if you email them asking for a refund you will get no reply, hence why I still have not received a reply. I call my CC company and they of course have to send the claim to fraud since its so many purchases. The lady I am talking to asks for me to email her one of the coupons so I go to log in and guess what? Account deactivated LOL. This has to be the biggest joke of a company I have ever dealt with.

    • I’m telling you, they will fight tooth and nail not to give money back, they push giving you a Groupon credit, but since they deactivated accounts they can’t offer that. I spoke to them yesterday, got the “72 hours” response and she said she’d send a confirmation email. Did I get a confirmation email? No. They want to ban the account, fine, but attempting to keep (or “steal” if you prefer) the money is pathetic.

    • Better lawyers get to keep money Groupon stole than Groupon keep it!

      I think an order to show cause in the prior class action might work, and those lawyers are already involved.

  • UPDATE! Received email today from groupon stating I will be receiving a refund on all groupons except the first one within 10 days. Keep fighting for a refund and you will get it.

    • I got multiple emails tonight, each one saying they processed a credit. Will wait and see it hit the bank account before I believe it though. No, they are not reversing the account closures.

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