Normally the summer is slow for domain sales but July was my best month ever in terms of volume of sales and total sales dollars. Every sale was either 4 or 5 figures which is the typical price range I ask for the majority of my domains. The only time I’m willing to take sub $1,000 on a domain is if I plan to not renew the domain when renewal comes up. I sold multiple domains through each of the following avenues: DomainNameSales, GoDaddy, and reaching out to companies/people. I’ve been focusing on expanding how I search to find potential leads. At first it was solely using Google and searching for keywords but as time has gone on I’ve kept expanding to use different methods and it really broadens my potential reach.

One place where I have not sold a domain this year, in fact I don’t even know if I’ve received an offer there this year is Sedo. I used to get a fair amount of offers at Sedo in previous years (pre DNS when I was parking my domains with them) but now it appears like the Sedo marketplace gets no bids for me on its own.

My portfolio is around 1,000 domains. A solid 300 of them are marijuana/weed/cannabis/pot related (mostly geos). Most of them don’t get offers as marijuana isn’t legal in most states… yet… though I have managed to sell 4 domains this year so far (surprising three of them had ‘weed’ in it and one had ‘marijuana’). The other 700 domains I own are a mixture of keywords, brandables, geos, and the like. Anytime you can sell over 1% of your total moveable portfolio in a month that is a very good month in my book.

I’ve been doubling down and reinvesting every sale into more domains with the great majority of them being .com’s. The only thing I like about this relentless flood of gTLDS is that some of the competition is spending their money on them and that leaves less money in their pocket to bid on .com domains. The pricing on a lot of them is ridiculous and I’m pretty shocked that there are still domainers plunking down their cash to buy ’em.

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