Here’s a little actual anecdote that anyone who parks domains may find interesting to help you earn extra money…

I bought a domain at GoDaddy auctions about 2 months ago (for something nominal like $50) and I parked it with DNS.? The domain was actually getting decent traffic (15 visits a day), making a few pennies on parking, and I would get an email from DNS pretty regularly that someone made an “offer”.? I went to DNS to see what the offer was and every time it was never an offer, it was people looking for help for something related to the domain name.? I got annoyed with this happening after a few weeks so I went to Clickbank and searched their marketplace and found an offer that was what the people who were contacting me were looking for.? I forwarded my domain (with masking) to this offer through my affiliate URL.? I don’t promote Clickbank products much so I rarely check my account but I went there today and was surprised that I had 6 sales for this product and $169 in commission after a month.? I probably would have earned less than $5 for the month if I left the domain parked.

Two takeaways for me.? I’m going to go through my traffic report at DNS and see if there’s any more opportunities to forward domains to product offers and second I’m going to be on the lookout for buying domains similar to this one.? $169/month is not a big deal but if you can possibly scale that up to handfuls of domains it could become a nice passive monthly revenue stream.

20 comments on “How Annoying “Offers” Turned into an Extra $2k Year

  • Does clickbank allow redirects? I’ve wanted to do this with an number of domains, but don’t have time to create pages for them. I thought that you couldn’t just forward / redirect the name to affiliate programs.

    • Concerning redirects I believe that sites like Amazon’s affiliate program does not allow this, but affiliate sites like Clickbank or JVZoo allow this. Probably any small affiliate product/site will accept redirects as they don’t care how the traffic gets there and they only pay commission when they get a sale so it is no lose situation for them.

        • I don’t believe Amazon allows it. In their TOS they say a person must “click” on a link. This would exclude a domain redirect. If you can find otherwise in the TOS I’d be very interested as I’d redirect a ton of my domains to product pages there.

      • I don’t know their policy, but I can’t imagine why they would not allow it. Their goal is to create sales. It shouldn’t make any difference where the sales come from, as long as it’s legit and ethical. The more sales the better.

  • Cool story. I’ve often thought about doing this as well. I own quite a few product domains, and I figure that forwarding them on to an affiliate which sells this product might generate more revenue than having it parked. I was under the impression, however, that this was not acceptable to many companies per their terms of service. Specifically, I was under the impression that Amazon for example didn’t allow this practice. Just curious, but did you check to see if this is allowed by the company that you forward to? No problem either way, but I’m just trying to learn if this practice is acceptable and/or commonplace. Thanks!

  • Great short read. I have 200 domains, some nearly 20 years old. Admittedly, I’ve been lazy but as I approach retirement I’m thinking that donains will be a fun hobby . . . And if I can replicate what you have done that would certainty be a huge plus for my pocketbook. Thanks so much for sharing.

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