Everyone who owns a domain wants to sell it to an end user.? But a lot of people think they can sit back and will have end users contacting through via their whois admin email.? Think again.? If you want to actively sell your domains then you need to be active.? Now, you may not have time for this.? It may be a hassle.? You might get bored of doing what you need to do.? I know I would… so here is what I do…

What I did is hire an awesome worker who is based in Singapore.? I pay $1.50 an hour to her and employ her for about 30 hours per week.? I give her a list of domain names that I own and keywords for each domain and each week she does the work for me.? She goes to Google and Yahoo and searches for the keywords.? She writes down the top 50 sites in each search engine that appear.? She then goes and gets the whois admin email for those domains.? And she sends them all an email to see if they would have any interest in acquiring the domain that I own (using a standard email that I wrote up).? When people write back I handle their responses.? And when a sale goes through I pay her a 1% bonus on the sale (i.e.? 1% of the sale amount).? The 1% bonus is not something that we had agreed upon initially and it is still not part of our contracted agreement, but she is such a valuable asset that I want to keep her working for me, and the 1% is very meaningful for her and her family so I’m happy that she is happy and the money is going towards a good use.

A few things to keep in mind because I can already hear some comments from the peanut gallery…

– Paying $1.50 an hour is relative.? In the US that would be considered wrong, but in other parts of the world that is a good salary.? I don’t force anyone to take a job from me, and my email worker is Very happy to be working for me.? She can work from home, work whatever hours of the day she wants to, be near her family, and make more money then if she had a factory job.

-No, it is not as easy as 1, 2, 3 to find someone who is valuable to do this type of job for you.? I went through about 4 people before I found my current worker who has been working for me for the past 4 months.? So when you find a good worker you should offer them bonuses/incentives to reward them because finding someone good and reliable is not as easy as you might think.

-I’ve made more sales through this method then I ever did from people contacting me through my whois contact info on the domains I own.


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  • Your $1.50/hr means nothing to her.

    There are more millionaires in Singapore than anyone else and they have a higher standard of living than YOU!!

  • EstiBot has had an automated feature that does this, plus much more, for the past year. It’s called an “End-user Lead Generator”. It will not only check the search engines (for advertisers and sites), but also all similar domains in inferior extensions, and businesses registered that may not yet have a domain.

    It will pull up the whois contact details, and let you instantly contact the leads in bulk.

    The process that normally takes 2-3 hours for a person, takes 2-3 minutes for EstiBot.

    Good luck!

  • finding a person to complete this task is probably the hardest part.
    How much time did you spend teaching your worker? or was she familiar with whois, emailing, etc?
    If I may ask – what do you use? microworkers? odesk?

  • You sure are a scum. US$1.50 in Singapore will buy half a coffee… Obviously this person is desperate and should be spending those hours looking for a job rather than working for you… Or is it that she is underage and can’t get a job? Shame on you for exploiting people like this.

  • @BullS

    You can have a poor section next to a rich section… not sure what your point is.

    @Domain Report

    Average would be in the $500-$5000 range


    Sounds interesting, I will need to check that out, thanks!


    She had experience with sending emails so my training time was about 20 minutes to explain everything once and answer a few questions. I use odesk.


    First off, with her bonus earnings it comes out to about 3x her regular hourly wage in total compensation. Secondly, her previous job paid her $0.75/hour so I’m doubling what she received in base pay, and six-tupling it after bonus. Thirdly, I’m not forcing anyone to work for me. She is happy to have the job. She can walk away anytime she finds something better.


    The research is what takes some time. She has learned to weed out places like Wikipedia, Ehow, etc… which helps. The actual task of sending out the emails she does very quickly. For 30 hours after research/whois lookup/emails she gets out about 1,000-1,100 emails.

  • Thanks for the tips,

    Can you provide a sample of the email your using? If you don’t want to share the email, how many paragraphs is it? Are you trying to explain why the business should buy the domain name, or just letting them know it is for sale.

    Are you selling mostly .coms or does this work for generic .nets and .orgs?

    • @Jeff

      Don’t want to share exact copy I use. It is a generic email for the initial email. Basically it says that I own xxxxxx.com and I see that the domain name aligns with their website. I’m looking to see who might have interest in the domain. And I invite them to ask me any specific questions about the domain or feel free to make an offer if they are interested in it. You really will only hold someone’s interest for 10 seconds so no point in writing them a book.

      .com has been the biggest sales for me. But in terms of volume I’ve been able to move a good amount of .net’s in the $500-$1,000 range pretty consistently. The .org you usually need to find a buyer who can benefit from the .org extension and I find you normally need to sell someone on why .org would work for them.

  • Hello,

    I have a questions regarding emails? How does she sends email? Using what email provider? I know that most email providers have a 500 email limit per day. Or does she use a dedicated server or using newsletter services of sites like chipmunk.com ?


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